A scrub that smells wonderful, and does a good job too

Body Scrubs

I got this from the clay masque review event held by Farley & Co back last year before the summer. Now I know I got the Foot Buffer, but I actually liked this one better for my purposes.

It was a nice thing to find in our goody bag, as scrubs are quite handy in the summer.

You see, wearing flip flips, or heel exposed sandals, I find that my heels get really dry, and look absolutely horrid looking. So this was a great help, as after a light soak in water, I was able to use this to scrub away at my feet. Doing this every few days helped to restore my feet to the youthfulness.

Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs


Body Scrubs

I used to use the St Ives Apricot Scrub, mainly because I got the tub cheap (about $1-2 cause it was on sale, and I used a coupon). But as it is a little rough, I did find that because I tend to use a heavy hand, my feet and hands would be a little red after using them.

Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs

The Montagne Jeunesse one isn’t quite the same, it utilizes crushed bamboo, and supported by a smoother, fluffier crème.

Plus it just smells delightful! Like really yummy…almost hard to resist yummy…

The only thing is that because it tries to be very natural, it has a rather short life span of 6 months before you have to toss it out. So if you venture in to it, it is something you want to keep using, rather than squirreling away.

After finishing it up, I haven’t found it to repurchase. According to the website, I should be able to find it at Pharmasave for $10, and you can find your closest store HERE.


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