Relatively recent eats…

I had wanted to do separate posts for a bunch of these places, but never got around to doing it. Plus it didn’t help that I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted. So today I just wanted to share bits and pieces of some of the places I’ve checked out within the last two months.

The County General Website
Toronto | 936 Queen St. W (North East Corner of Shaw & Queen St. W) | 416.531.4447


I met up with my friends, but got there later than them. In any case, we checked out the County General because it is the favourite eating spot of one of the girls. It is a little more on the pricey side, but again their burgers are great, and the service there is nice. There isn’t a lot of room, but cozy.



The burger was really well cooked, and their fries are different from what you might expect, but crispy and just right.

After checking out The County General, we walked along Queen, and ended up here.



Sud Forno Website
Toronto | 716 Queen St. W | 416.504.7667


Again what I loved about this place was how friendly the workers were. They kid around, and they chat with you in such a genuine manner. Relatively new to the Queen St district, its quite nice to grab a dessert or something to eat.

They have an upstairs seating section which you can check out, if the seats by the window on the main floor are full.



I don’t know the name of this, but it is an interesting taste. I believe it was soaked in rum like sauce? It is cool to try out, but a taste that might not suit everyone.

Fig treat which had a great balance



Reds Wine Tavern
Toronto | 77 Adelaide St. W (First Canadian Place) | 416.862.7337

Before checking out Pink in concert, BeautyUnited/MSL Group treated us to some yummy food. Boy…was I a happy camper that night :D


Maine Lobster Guacamole $17.95
Guajillo chili-dressed lobster, hand-mashed avocado,
fresh lime juice, serrano pepper and warm, crisp tortillas


I didn’t take a picture, but I totally recommend their Crispy Potato Flatbread. My goodness that thing was awesome. A little salty the day we ordered it, but I went back after and it wasn’t. Just…awesome.

Yellow Cup Cafe

I ate here, but I don’t want to mention much more because it wasn’t that great of an experience. But the food looked good in the pictures…

Red Velvet Cake


Cakes on display

Yonge & Dundas Square
I usually never get salad at a restaurant. Especially when its so expensive. But earlier that day I had eaten terribly unhealthy, and my body unconsciously kept craving vegetables (I guess I am getting older…). In any case, I confessed that to my friends, and ordered the Grilled Seafood Salad.


Grilled Seafood Salad $20
Grilled and marinated shrimp, salmon, avocado, papaya, roasted Italian tomatoes, crisp noodles, lemon chardonnay vinaigrette

Expensive, but I did enjoy eating it. I would definitely consider eating it again if my body was craving veggies lol

Yorkdale Mall

I met up with a dear friend of mine, for a dinner and mini shopping date. So we hit up Moxie’s. Started off with the Korean BBQ Kimchi Flatbread, and their Friday drink special, Corona Bad Boy’s


Korean BBQ Kimchi Flatbread $13
pulled pork & braised beef short rib with caramelized onions

You couldn’t taste the Kimchi at all, so if you were going for that novelty, it might not be something you want to get. It is pricey considering you couldn’t taste the Kimchi at all, but it was still good in its own way. Next time I would rather pick the Mosaic Dip instead.

I ordered the Red Thai Curry Bowl. Tasted pretty good, not the typical Thai food you might get, but the chicken was cooked well, and I really liked the naan on the side.


Red Thai Curry Bowl $15
chicken & stir-fried vegetables over jasmine rice + curry-buttered naan bread

My friend decided to check out the Parmesan Chicken & Crispy Prosciutto Sandwich. She loved it. Crispy, and the bread was so soft when it first arrived. Plus because it comes cut in half, you could take the other half home. In any case, this is awesome quite awesome when you eat it cold as well.


Parmesan Chicken & Crispy Prosciutto Sandwich $15
on ciabatta bread with house-made herbed cheese, roasted red pepper sauce & baby arugula leaves

Paramount Fine Foods

Free baked pita while you wait for your meal. So yummy :)

Chicken Shawarma Plate (get their hot sauce on the side, so yummy and fresh :))

Pho Dau Bo

Lately I have taken up on ordering their rice dishes, rather than the usually Pho bowls. This was an accidental order, as I usually like the ones with the spring rolls. The service isn’t always the best, and the locations do vary in their quality. But I still usually enjoy my meals. Especially when I need something oily lol


2 thoughts on “Relatively recent eats…

  1. Yummy!

    Im not a fan of Moxies, especially the Yorkdale location. I ordered an overpriced Asian inspired noodle bowl there once and It had a few pieces of penne pasta in it o_o. They didn’t end up charging me for the dish but still, Moxies isn’t my type of scene and the food and portions kind of suck in my opinion especially for the price!

    Paramount on the other hand is totally awesome! I used to work at Sheppard and Yonge and would Yonge location for lunch with the office now and then. I would go there more often if it was close to me. The one at Yonge and Dundas is good too, however I noticed the one time I was there the servers were not the greatest.

    I would also highly recommend the Fork and Spoon, they are Asian fusion with very aesthetically pleasing and comfy decor. I have only been to the Vaughan location in the Colossus plaza, they have a large variety of food to choose from and an all you can eat option as well (i have’t tried that yet). They can be a bit pricy, but the portions are good.

    I am super hungry now!

    • That’s like my experience, but at Fairview. So I try not to get certain things when they are busy. But I do agree that their price has gone up quite a bit >_<

      I have heard of Fork and Spoon, but haven't had the chance yet. But glad that you like it, cause that's what I seem to be hearing about then in general :D

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