Week 2: It’s gotta be about the books!

Hi Everyone!
The Winner is Helencakes! I have emailed her.
Thanks for entering everyone :) I hope to check out the books that you have all mentioned!

Hello Lovely Readers :)

A long time ago, I started off writing about music, Korean Dramas, and books. So it would seem appropriate to me to include books in some way this month.

Since this is my birthday month, and I just wanted to share a bit of love with my readers.

I am a book worm, well I used to be more of a book worm before…now most of my reading time is dedicated to textbooks and journal articles on various philosophers. In any case, reading is another love of mine, so I wanted to have a prize that could support it. If you have read to this point, include the word ‘forever’ in your comment in some way, and that will earn you another entry :P

Well okay…

…you don’t HAVE to buy books, but you could :D

So this giveaway, I have a $30CAN Gift Certificate to Amazon.ca to give away.This is open to Canadians only, and will end in one week (12am Monday). The entry is simple, all you need to tell me in a comment is tell me what’s your favourite book. I know that can be a hard question, as I myself have several. Do the best that you can :) If you enter, and you have engaged with me on Twitter, you will earn another entry to the giveaway that I will manually add myself. Other than that, the winner will be selected, and you will have 24 hours to get back to me. If not, I shall draw a new name.

Thanks for visiting and good luck :)

21 thoughts on “Week 2: It’s gotta be about the books!”

  1. Nooooo, this is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child! Help….Anything by Roald Dahl? ALL of the Harry Potters??

    Something I could read over and over is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I’m an old person.

    1. Oh my…I Love reading Little Women as well. I started getting in to it late, as I watched the movie first…what a good book though :)

  2. Can’t say I have a fav. book since I don’t read at all lol.. but one of my new year resolution is to read this year and currently I’m reading Quiet by Susan Cain.. ever since I watched her TED talk I’ve become interested in learning about introversion lol

    1. I saw that book ad on the subway I believe. Had wanted to check it out then, but totally forgot! Thanks for the reminder :) (well if its the same book I think it is~)
      And congrats for winning this weeks giveaway :)

  3. I really enjoy reading books by Max Lucado. My favourite of his books would be “In the Eye of the Storm”.

    1. I haven’t touched Max Lucado for over 10 years now. I read them in my early-mid teens, and I think it was just too much for me to comprehend at that time. So I just couldn’t get in to his books. Should look in to it as an adult. Will start with the Eye of the Storm~

    1. I’ve heard that name tossed about around online, just added to my list to read as well :) Thanks for participating in this giveaway Angela

  4. Oh man.. I’m obsessed with Sara Shepard’s Pretty little liars series. It’s sooo good and totally different from the tv show. Don’t judge me! LOL

    1. Haha no judgement from me jenn! I couldn’t get in to the TV series, so I’m glad to hear that the books are different! Will have to check it out :)

  5. I can’t name a favourite! I think it would be a toss up between the Harry Potter and Sweet Valley series (SVT were what got me into reading when I was little) OR anything by Mary Roach because her books are on the weirdest but most interesting subjects.

    1. Mary Roach I haven’t heard about before, will check out. But SVH was just awesome back when I was younger too :P I so desperately wanted to be a twin…

  6. PHEW. So glad that I saw this on twitter and have managed to enter. This is a tough question since I love many many books for many reasons. I think a favorite of mine recently is “How Starbucks saved my life”-its especially appropriate right now for me. Long story for another time.

    1. awww *Hugs* Meredith. Hope things are looking better now. And I need to check out this book…Love that so many people have suggested such great reads that I can check out :)

    1. Thanks for participating in this giveaway Samantha :)
      I haven’t heard of that book, but looking forward to checking it out since its one that you liked a lot

    1. I don’t think I’ve read the Code Book~ Will look in to it now :) Thanks for entering Jess^^

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