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If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)
I got a GC from a friend for Chapters Indigo, and was able to pick up journals and these interesting Kate Spade bookmarks (Here). Kate Spade has always had some fun accessories. I’m waiting for these to go on sale, or these :P
Took about 5 weeks (Christmas rush), but I got my necklaces. I didn’t pay much, and got them fairly cheap from aliexpress, ebay, and buy in coins. I wasn’t sure how I would adapt to them, so I didn’t spend much, but looking forward to buying better quality in the future :) Anyway I’ve been waiting to buy them FOREVER, since I kept seeing the beautiful pieces that Ella Pretty posted.
Target is clearing out their holiday stuff is being cleared out to 90%, if you can find anything left that is. These are the stuff that I ended up picking up :)
I liked going to Paramount Fine Foods to eat. Since I was downtown early, I thought I would have an early dinner by myself. Food was good as always…just wish that I had more time to eat the complimentary bread that they give us. So yummy :) On a side note, ask for hot sauce when you go. So fresh and yummy too!
I like eating marshmallows, and well Peeps are more fun when they are cleared out :)
I went to Absolute Comedy at the invitation of a friend. Had some laughs, recalled some weird memories from childhood that I didn’t want to think about because of some people who were in attendance, and got to satisfy a nacho craving.

2 thoughts on “Last week on Instagram…”

  1. I like getting my pendant necklaces from ebay since I figure I’ll probably lose them so I don’t want to shell out a lot of money. I looked at Aliexpress from your instagram and ended up spending $100 on stuff!

    1. LOL omg! I’m sorry I enabled, but hope they are awesome and that you like what you got :D
      Anyway, that’s exactly how I feel as well. I break things too easily…so might as well pay less

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