Shiseido Eye Color Bar Palette

Shiseido Eye Color Bar

Several weeks ago, I won an awesome giveaway from Dave Lackie. It was for a bunch of Shiseido things, like the Ibuki Skincare Trio, and this Palette.

Today I wanted to share about the Eye Color Bar Eye Shadow Palette.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar
I love how they incorporated the palette in to this colour blending guide type of thing on the packaging.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar

Shiseido Eye Color Bar
Inside we have a clear plastic slip that provides a guide on the colour combinations you can create, as well as the names of each of the shadows.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar
Shiseido Eye Color Bar
Shiseido Eye Color Bar

I was pretty excited to get this, because I had seen some of the swatches. But it seems I got a dud. Just my luck. The swatches are actually taken heavily, and yet they are still VERY sheer. So when I use them, I actually use a thicker cream product to pat the shadow on to, so they look more vibrant.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar
Applied dry on the bare skin, I went over the colours I think three times.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar
Here the upper swatches are without a primer, and the lower swatches are over NYX Jumbo Pencil. You can see that they need help if you want to have a more vibrant look. I rubbed the shadow on over the NYX, but you get a better result if you pat it on.


Parfait Amour


So I have to say that I was pretty disappointed overall. I mean I do like Shiseido. There is a reason why my mom has dedicated a majority of her needs to Shiseido for more than 25 years. But I would stay personally stay clear of this, as I cannot justify the $58 price tag. Again it could be that mine just was drier than the usual…hopefully if you check it out, it will be better for you.

You can find it at The Bay for $58CAN

8 thoughts on “Shiseido Eye Color Bar Palette”

    1. I won it in a giveaway~ So unfortunately not, but it went to mom. Maybe she can put it to use~

  1. Aw no that’s so disappointing! This makes me wonder if Shiseido’s colours really are geared towards the older woman. I would assume that older women wouldn’t want something so highly pigmented, in which this would be a great product for them. However, a younger woman would likely want more pigmentation, thus wouldn’t like this so much. Curious.

    1. Hmm…I don’t know about that. I know that their shadows in the past (like 5-10 years ago) were quite pigmented, so that thought didn’t occur to me at all. But that is an interesting observation! I should go swatch some other stuff and see.

  2. It’s always such a shame when shadows aren’t well pigmented. They look so vibrant in the pan, it’s so disappointing that they don’t transfer.

  3. wow-I’m saddened by this. This was a palette that I was planning to purchase but you have just saved me the trouble. For that, my wallet thanks you!

    1. I wish it was prettier :( I thought maybe it was just my palette, but most of the swatches I’ve seen have been pretty unimpressive >_<

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