SkinFood Nail Vita

So I bought these guys when I was in Korea December 2010. I used them all once, while I was there, and basically didn’t touch them again.

It would only make sense to swatch them right??

Skinfood Nail Vita BL513 Deep Blue
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection

This reminds me of China Glaze Frostbite. Just a really loud electric blue. Unfortunately this one chips quite quickly one me.
Skinfood Nail Vita VI407 Puppy Purple (I don’t get this name…)
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection

I can’t resist purples, so this was actually the first one I put in my basket. It didn’t quite translate on the nail though…I like it in the bottle more. Maybe add another layer of a super shiny topcoat will do the trick? However this was one of the other ones that just chipped like crazy…
Skinfood Nail Vita VI408 Violet Stone
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection

Violet Stone was a fluke. I didn’t even have it on my list to get, but when I saw it in store, I knew it had to come home with me. I love that there is a mix of glitter colours to really make this a stunner. I can see myself SOG Sandwich Manicuring this, so that it would be super shiny in the end…drool..

Skinfood Nail Vita BR612 Cappuccino
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection
Skinfood Nail Vita Selection

This was bought because I didn’t really have a colour like this in my collection. Even now, I have yet to buy something really similar (maybe a very distant cousin would be the OPI Fozzie one…but not really). In any case, this one wore surprisingly well, considering Deep Blue chipped off in chunks.

Anyway, I don’t remember how much I paid for them, but according to the website it would be ~$1.50CAN. Which might explain why I got such poor wear out of the purple one. I remember half my nail chipping right off the first day of wear -___-

But the colours are quite gorgeous, and they did last longer over my soak off gel (which also explains the weird lines you see on my ring finger in the pictures. Basically I had laid tape as part of decoration for my SOG manicure, but having only used one coat of the topcoat, it started peeling off. So I yanked it off, leaving the nail a little raggedy).

In any case, those are my Skinfood Nail Vita goodies. It isn’t my first dabble in to the Nail Vita line though. I actually have one from…2003(?) in my stash somewhere. A gift I had received from a dongseng friend who had gone to Korea that year. Now that was a jelly polish :) If I find it, I will try and swatch it for the blog.

English Skinfood Site (but no ecommerce)
Korean Skinfood Site

By the way, you might want to check out a post I posted earlier this week :)

Hope everyone is bundled up warm lately! Don’t want to freeze any appendages…


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