Last week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)

This was a latergram, but I went to Jack Astor’s with my dear friend. It was her first time, and of course I had to make sure she had some of their ridiculous garlic bread lol In any case, we were stuffed at the end, but we checked out the dessert menu…and I could help but laugh when she read this out to me. Perfect inflections, and facial expressions. This is why we are friends :)

Are you a nail polish flakie nut? Well if so, aparently FingerPaints is releasing a new set! There is a delay in shipping out to the Sally Beauty Supply stores, but should be there soon. I missed out on the set last time, but I do hope that I can hunt them down this year :)

I love this microlight. This Inova light was a great help during the #darkTO power outage, as I was able to stash it in my sweat pant pocket easily. I could pull it out easily, and navigate about the house.

I went out to eat with friends again, one (and Unni friend), whom I had not seen in about a year. It was great seeing them both and catching up while stuffing ourselves silly.

I went to Yellow Cup Cafe. My first time, but unfortunately my last. Was not all too impressed with the quality or the service. That is fine though, there is always SPIN on the Queensway or Artisano :)

Anyway that is all that I have. I didn’t get to go out for New Years Eve, as I was sick and at home. A shame as I was supposed to check out my friends, friend’s party. Would have been fun to ring in the new year at Betty’s on King. In addition, I had a bit of a school issue that was frustrating and nerve wrecking for me…so I spent most of the week trying to organize my room, and get set for the new semester.

In any case, that is a small up date on me.

Happy New Year dear Readers, and I can’t wait to continue sharing new posts with you this year. But I have a post that will go up in a few hours. I would love if you would come back and check it out when it goes live :)

Hope that the snow didn’t make your commute too painful today, and careful driving, walking, and stay warm!


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