Musical Friday w Norazo’s Superman

I have the rest of this month’s Musical Friday already scheduled, but was struggling to find the right song for the first week. I wanted it to be happy, upbeat, just overall fun to watch.

I couldn’t find a good quality MV for this, so I stuck with something that had English lyrics in a live performance.

In any case, Norazo (which basically translate to “Play with me” in Korean), is a group that just sings about randomness. And that is key point. Nonsense stories/lyrics, but they weird but are just so funny at the same time :P

Anyway they have been about for a long time, though aside from a few singles, no big album from what I can tell recently. So today I share with you Norazo’s Superman :P

(link to Google for pictures)

Well dear readers, thank you for entering this new year with me :D Can’t wait to share other songs with you this year, and if you ever have suggestions let me know :) You can guest post for me!

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