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If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instragram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)

Since I was unable to post last week, this post covers the last two weeks.
I needed to post to Influenster, so took this picture. Really…these things are super yummy.
Some of the gifts I was wrapping that night…
Followed by the picture showing some of them wrapped :)
Comfort food from Five Guys Burgers…Finished my last exam that day.
I had to meet my friends for our annual drinks and dinner downtown, so I checked out the Eaton Centre. Except that it was a little busy, so I checked out Gandolf instead (I think that’s his name…).
I placed an online order with Marcelle, because they had an awesome GWP deal, plus their BB products were on sale. I paid just a little over $30 for all 4 products (the mascara and the remover were the GWP). The Kitkat is wine flavoured. Really did seem like wine.
Then the storm hit. So my family was confined to the house. Here is Mom eating water Kimchi, and Sweet potatoes. My phone died shortly after, so I didn’t get to post anything else. However I think I will share the other pictures on Sunday.
Our freplace. We ended up burning all the firewood we normally would have used through the winter -__-
This one was hiarlious. We didn’t get power for 3 days, but we still got mail. A present from Marcelle, my order from Sasa, and a package from #BeautyUnited :)
I met up with my ECE ladies to catch up. We checked out The Country General on Shaw & Queen St W. A little pricey, but the burgers were decent, and I found their fries quite yummy. But the burger, and a Muskoka beer costed me I think $20 before taxes. However their service was great, so I would gladly go back again.
We went to Sud Forno for dessert, which was located about minute walk from The Country General. East of Queen and Shaw. Again lovely service.
Lastly a shot of my nails. It was the finale for this years Holiday Nail series which enjoyed doing again :)

Anyway, do you have fun plans for New Years? I’m tagging along at my friends coworkers party, and super excited to celebrate with them all.

On another note, next month is a biggie for me, so just a heads up that I will have 3 giveaways. Not too huge, but still something :)

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