Holiday Nails Stamp Happy

Holiday Nails Stamp Happy

I have really neglected my stamps…so I figured I would pull them out. Unfortunately I don’t really have anything that is Christmas themed…

I used
Nicole by OPI Faux Fir
China Glaze Party Hearty
American Apparel Silver Jazz
Bundle Monster #314*
Holiday Nails Stamp Happy

I used Silver Jazz for the stamp, mainly because I couldn’t find my Sally Hansen Chrome polishes. I regret that. I should have used something more pigmented so that the stamp would be more vivid. Oh well. Live and learn :P

Holiday Nails Stamp Happy

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*This post contains products I have purchased with my own funds, and ones I have received for review purposes(noted with *)*


2 thoughts on “Holiday Nails Stamp Happy

    • Hi Jenn~ I didn’t know you had a blog!! yay more stuff for me to read :D

      Anyway, depending on the print, they can be tricky. But once you try out a few ways, I find that you can find a way that they can work for you the best. But yes lots of YT videos are available so good luck :)

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