Musical Friday Instrumentals

I’ve always loved the sound of string instruments.

My first love was the violin, which I played from about grade 4 to grade 10. I loved how the strings would vibrate and the sounds resonante from them. I loved that it was so fun to pluck. I had this lovely 3/4, German made, and was about 70 years old (I know it wasn’t a hundred…but it wasn’t 50 either…). and I loved how it looked.

Unfortunately I haven’t touched a violin in nearly a decade now…and I miss it lots. Need to try and acquire a full size violin so I can try and pick it up again…I wasn’t great at it, as my fingers were so slow…but when I played…I was content. I miss that feeling.

On a side note, two highschool crushes of mine were wonderful violinists. One was a TOTAL jerk to us, but when he picked up the violin, it was hard not to like him.

On a secondary side note, the cello is my second love in terms of string instruments…

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