Holiday Nails: A dash of silver and red…

Holiday Nails

So technically today should be day 15 of the series, but since I skipped Wednesday and Thursday, I figured I would label this 13, and do the next two on the weekend.

Anyway my exams are finally done, and I have rested up a bit today…so there shouldn’t be any more delays! *fingers crossed*

Holiday Nails
I used
China Glaze Ruby Pumps
AA Silver Jazz
Claires Chunky Silver

I applied Ruby Pumps to two nails, and Chunky Silver to the other two (I went back to Chunky Silver for the thumb). I then applied tape to the pinky and index, and painted a coat of the opposite colour. After peeling it off, I added the rhinestones.

But this mani reminds me of clown pants…not fun ornaments like I had hoped lol

Oh well :P

Let me just say, if you like red, and glitter…it will be in your best interested to give Ruby Pumps a try. It was my go to colour a few years back. And for good reason!

Anyway, I met up with my friends for our annual Christmas drinks. We went to Joey’s at the Eaton Centre. It was my first time at that location…and I can’t say that I enjoyed the service completely. Let me just say this. It is important to be attentive to your customers…but not to the point that you are in their face constantly, and disrupting their flow of conversation. Extremely annoying. Plus, if you want to go, you need a reservation. My friend waited awhile (40 mins) so that we could get our seat…and this was for 8pm O___O. Well the plus side is that I got a lot of nail polish from my friends, so I can’t wait to try them out and share posts on them :D

Hope that you all have your Christmas shopping done, and excited to sit back and relax with family and friends.

Holiday Nails

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*all products in this post were purchased with my own funds*


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