Playing Around with NYC Big Bold goodies

NYC Big Bold Goodies

So I mentioned I received the Influenster MapleVoxBox right? Well today I wanted to share the New York Color Goodies that I received.

NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara in Extra Black $4.99

NYC Big Bold Goodies

NYC Big Bold Goodies

If you have short lashes like I do, I would suggest that you take your time with this one. With the long bristles (which is great for pulling the lashes and lift them up), I have overshot and jabbed my lid a few times (smear city!). If you like putting on more than 2 coats of mascara on a regular basis, this one seems quite good with that. It doesn’t look clumpy when you do, and they don’t look overly done up (like spider legs) at the same time. The great bonus was the length you can get from this. In my current routine, I have been applying a coat of this to lengthen my lashes, than using another waterproof mascara on top. I’m liking that combination so far :) If they had a waterproof version, I would probably rebuy for sure (I need waterproof). Basically I was pretty floored by this. The curve might work for a lot, but because my lashes are so sparse, I end up using it as an upside down U, rather than the regular U way.

NYC Big Bold Goodies
These are my lashes uncurled. I really should have taken the shot from above my lashes, not below…I keep forgetting that though. In any case, the mascara when applied, I noticed that my outer lashes were curled up a bit. Not significantly, but enough that I noticed. And that means a lot for my lashes, as I usually have to go at them with a warmed up lash curler. I think I applied 2.5 coats. Two coats to the lashes, and then dabbed a bit more on the tips. If you are looking for volume, this might not satisfy your needs, but for length…it should!

NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss in Big City Blush #468 $4.99
NYC Big Bold Goodies
NYC Big Bold Goodies
NYC Big Bold Goodies

This has a slight scent to it, which really reminds me of babies (lol). Anyway, what I like about the gloss is the price (~$4.99), and the fact that it is not too sticky (it says not sticky, but…I think it is a little. Definitely stickier than MAC’s Cremesheen). A few seconds after the application, you might feel a tingle on the lips. I think that this is the plumping factor to the gloss. Otherwise it still felt nice on the lips, giving it a bit of shimmer and shine, lasting for a few hours. The gloss does initially look quite frosty, but trust me, it really isn’t (this is coming from a person who dislikes frost lipsticks).

The one thing I didn’t like about the gloss was the packaging. I like that it is such a large product for such a small price. However the applicator wand is quite thick, which does not allow you to really reach for more of the product in the way that you normally would. Because of that I found that when I pull out the wand, it leaves a string of gloss at the opening. To avoid that I would suggest not pulling it out slowly, but with a tiny jerk, so that the string snaps before it gets out. In addition the gloss is concentrated just at the tip of the doe foot. Which isn’t a huge deal, but you may need to dip in again to get more of the product.

You can find NYC products at Walmart, Rexall,…I think they have started to pop up at SDM as well. Can’t remember at this moment if it was NYC or if it was Wet n Wild.

NYC New York Color Website for more info.

For my Big Bold Look.
Sorry for the crappy phone pictures in advance -____- Still in exam mode, and haven’t been able to get around to editing Hybrid pictures. So these will have to do for now

NYC Big Bold Goodies
For my eye, I applied a greyish shadow, added black eyeliner, and then topped it off with Big Bold Curl. I dabbed the bottom of the lashes first, so that it would retain the curl a bit more. Then proceeded to add two coats to the lashes. Finally I dabbed the tips of the lashes, on the areas that needed a little more help.

NYC Big Bold Goodies
I prepped my lips with a thin layer of Big City Blush. After I applied my foundation and such, I went back and blotted my lips. I then took a bright lipstick and dabbed my lips in three different places, and dabbed Big City Blush in three places as well. I then blended the two using a lip brush. That way I was able to tone down the colour, while giving a matte lip colour some shimmer and shine. Plus the bright colour went on smoothly because my lips had been prepped beforehand.

Anyway, if I had to suggest one product of the two, it would be to suggest the Big Bold Curl mascara for sure. $5CAN isn’t too bad for a drugstore mascara, and they do go on sale quite often at Rexall. So yuppers…check it out :)

*I received these product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but views and opinions are my own*


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