Holiday Nails: Oh Christmas Tree…


I almost missed posting this. Yikes!

Have an exam Thursday afternoon…which I really desperately need to ace. Didn’t do too well on the midterm, and it was 40% of our grade. It was really unfortunate that I did poorly, as the first test (20%) I ended up getting an 85%. Seeing as it is a UT course…I mean I thought that was amazing. Anyway…midterm didn’t go to well, and well I need this course to go well so that I can ask for an exception…a lot is riding on this one exam -____- In any case, I need to get at least an 80 on the final. Let’s see if I can actually achieve this…

Holiday Nails Oh Christmas Tree
The worst application I have done in awhile. I didn’t have the time to spare to remove what I had before, so I layered it on a green polish that I was already wearing. It deepened the China Glaze Polish I was wearing, and made it more rich in a way. It was lovely.

Holiday Nails Oh Christmas Tree

Holiday Nails Oh Christmas Tree
I randomly dotted different green polishes in my stash, in a tree shape. Then added a few different colours to act as ornaments. It didn’t look too awesome, so I stopped and added Fairy Dust all over the nail as snow.

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*This post contains products that I have received for review purposes, and products I have purchased with my own stash*


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