Late night browsings on

So I do a lot of my online shopping at night. No worries that the site will be laggy, and well it is just nice and quiet. I can even drool over things I want as much as I want, without having to be embarrassed…like the boots I wanted to share.

Clockwise from the Upper Right

Currently on sale for $75, I want it but I think I need a half size up. Especially since I tend to wear thicker socks during the winter. But I like that it has a chunky heel. Looks study, plus its made of leather.

Currently on sale for $80, the downside to this is that it is suede. For prancing about on the streets, this is more practical, while giving a little lift. I like the lift. Plus as you can see I have a thing for buckles when it comes to boots…

I don’t have a concealed wedge shoe as of yet. This one made me rethink that. A little ugly in a weird way, but attractive to me at the same time. Weird. But wedges are nice for winter, as they won’t get stuck in street grating.

TUMEN $112
I don’t like spending a lot of money at Aldo…but seeing this boot makes me kind of consider it. Problem is that with my bigger calves…hard to find one that suits them in my show size. Still, one can look~

Still looking at a few at Little Burgundy and Brown’s though…need something nice before a lot of snow starts falling and sticking to the ground. Too late…we got a lot of snow…not too sure what I will do tomorrow lol


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