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Chapters Indigo

One of the sites I like browsing, especially their sale section (aside from Sephora’s sale section), is Chapter Indigo. Their paper section always gets me :D

This time was no exception.

I had a gift card that I received as a gift last year (that I only found recently buried under a bunch of notes on my desk), and I wanted to put it to use. So here is a few things I picked up.

Chapters Indigo
Monogram Cards which are unavailable now, but you can see the other ones they have HERE

Chapters Indigo
Extra Small Moleskine Notebooks
They come in a two pack, of two tones of green. Pretty cute :D (I LOVE mini sizes of anything…). This one is OOS, but the Pink set will ship out in 1-2 weeks

Chapters Indigo
Flower Journal

Chapters Indigo
Green Journal
Which is unavailable now

The check out system was simple to navigate through, and I did not encounter any issues trying to check out.

Shipping was quite quick, as I got my package in 3 days. Packed tightly in this cardboard envelope thing. I’m sure if this were a package with fragile things they would have included some form of padding for protection.

Otherwise don’t forget to use (Referral Link)

One minor beef I had was that their shipping department made a mistake in not including a Starbucks BOGO Coupon that was part of their promotion. I did write in to CS and didn’t hear a reply back. Not a huge deal as it is just a drink savings of about $4, but would have been nice to hear back from them from both their Twitter or their Email CS (both of which I made comments to with radio silence). If they ran out of coupons, I think they shouldn’t have advertised it after I got my package, so I don’t think that is the case either. Otherwise I do think that their Twitter CS is quite helpful for other things. Plus they hold giveaways once in awhile.

Anyway, I like that this is one of those sites that offer free shipping with a minimum purchase of $25. Not a lot do, so this is a great option for those who don’t want to venture in to a store, or prefer to spend money late in the night (like me).

Anyway, I’m thinking I want this Darth Vadar book…just so cute!

*products featured were bought with giftcards I received last Christmas, this post serves only to share the online shopping experience with others*

4 thoughts on “Shopping with Chapters Indigo Online”

  1. YAY CHAPTERS! Anyone who doesn’t like stationary is crazy! Chapters is one of my favourite stores. I used my giftcards from a while ago and got a large moleskine, a pocket moleskine, and a mad men inspired set of pens :D

  2. I can never leave Indigo / Chapters without buying something haha whether it’s a book (or more typically a little knickknack / notebook / planner haha). I just bought a bunch of the Kate Spade notebooks to give to some girlfriends — I think they’re so cute! Love your picks, too. I need to pick up some monogram cards, now hehe :) x

    1. I picked up a few KS things as well :D they are just so fun! And I agree…it is really hard to just leave without buying something :P

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