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If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instragram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you see it in your reader…GREAT :D
I started off last week with the first post in my Holiday Nail series. Having fun with these posts, even when they don’t always go my way and look like I imagined them to :P
I also started the first of a few pictures, based on the AWESOME packaged I received from #BeautyUnited. And guess what? I will have a giveaway posted tomorrow! If you read my blog, do leave me a comment, or follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. Though the giveaway will be open to all residents in Canada, I will have an extra entry for those who are current followers before I have that giveaway posted. So this is your last chance :)
I got my Black Friday Sephora haul…well…part of it. Not too sure about everything, but still thinking about it. I also got IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer, which EVERYONE seems to rave about from my network of Beauty Bloggers. I have a weird under eye area, where it is naturally a little bumpy. So I can’t wait to test it out *fingers crossed*
I picked up these awesome boots from Aldo Shoes online during Black Friday as well. They came to be $23 taxes included…unfortunately someone had worn them already, and kind of messed up the shoe…as the soles looked weird. Plus the gold finish was VERY uneven on one side -__- Shucks, cause they were pretty comfortable.
For Day 5 of the #BeautyUnited holiday inspired pictures, I created this mistletoe…while watching Running Man. Laughed my butt off and almost ripped it at one point. On a slightly side note. Couldn’t find tape or glue, so I stitched it together lol
(Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5)

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