Holiday Nails: Just Be-Claus, why not? :P

*This post contains products that I have received for review purposes, as well as products I have purchased on my own*

Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Nail Polish Canada, asking if I wanted to try out new China Glaze polish. Of course I said yes! I had two two choose from, so I selected the Touch of Twinkle Holiday Trio, which retails on NPC for $15. Unfortunately as of this post it is OOS, but NPC does their best to restock things as quick as possible, so do check back if you are interested in it. Otherwise China Glaze did release a bunch more, so you can check them all out HERE.

This kit includes Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, and Be Merry Be Bright.

Just Be-Claus
Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus
Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus

It is such a beautiful red. Like really. I mean if you have China Glaze Ruby Pumps, I think you will get what I mean by beautiful reds.

Santa Red My List
Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus
Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus

I think they should have switched the names for this and Just Be-Claus. In any case, the pink is like a metallic sheen, and just a overal great colour and formula to work it.

Be Merry Be Bright
Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus
Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus

This glitter was a bit spotty to work with. You will need to take a bit of time to get the glitters to spread out evenly, but once you do it does look lovely.

Being a BEAUTIFUL red, I NEEDED to try it out as soon as I could.

Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus
So I did. I went for a more gradient look…but again I was too heavy with the sponge.

Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus

Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus
China Glaze Knotty – China Glaze Just Be-Claus – Color Club Art of Seduction – China Glaze Be Merry Be Bright

I applied Knotty to the upper part of all nails. I applied Just Be-Claus on the lower half of the nail, straight out of the bottle. Once dried, I sponged more of Just Be-Claus to a 3/4’s of the nail. Finally I applied Art of Seduction to the tips. Which you really can’t tell anyway, as the reds blend so well together. Because of that, I added Be Merry Be Bright to the ring finger. I dabbed Art of Seduction where Knotty and Just Be-Claus meets, to make try and make it a more seamless transition…yeah not too sure about that one lol

In any case there will be a few more gradients in the near future for my Holiday Nails series…Can’t wait to share them with you :D

Anyway, back to the trio…

Holiday Nails Just Be-Claus

…would you get it?

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