Holiday Nails: Lipstick & The Art of Seduction

I did a mini series of holiday nails last year, and well, I figured I would try again this year :)

I should also mention that Nail Polish Canada has their 2nd annual Holiday Nail Art Challenge which you can check out and enter HERE.

Anyway, to start things off…
I wanted to do something red, and with glitter. I think I did okay with what I had planned out.

Holiday Nails 2013

Holiday Nails 2013
I used The Face Shop Lovely Mix Nails PK103, which is similar to another brand…which I posted HERE. I applied two coats to just the upper half of the nail of my middle and ring finger.
I then applied two coats of American Apparel Lipstick on my index and pinky, then applied it to my middle and ring finger in a curved shape. I then applied two coats of Color Club The Art of Seduction to the middle, ring, and thumb. I attached these plastic rhinestones along the curve of the Lipstick polish (so even if the curve wasn’t drawn well, it doesn’t matter too much, as you will be covering it up a bit with the rhinestones). I sealed everything off with a coat of Gelous, and then a coat of Seche Vite.

Holiday Nails 2013
I know the post title doesn’t really fit with the Holiday Theme, but I do like how it turned out in the end. I didn’t want it too over the top, but just enough bling that it stood out. It does seem a bit, Valentines-y, but the red glitter makes me think of Christmas more than Valentines. So I think I’m safe :P (But I may recreate it for Valentines as well…)

Well that is the end of the first post for the Holiday Nails 2013 Series. Can’t wait to show you what else I have in store :)

I will hopefully be posting one a day for every weekday up til Christmas Day. I am trying myself to be creative, but have also relied on Pinterest to help me with inspiration. Seriously. Thank goodness for Pinterest and other fabulous Nail Art Bloggers :D

*all products in this post wee purchased with my own funds*

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        1. haha thanks xD
          I actually bought a pack of mini one bite cupcakes…they weren’t super yummy, but held me over~^^

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