Heads Up: Sasa’s Free Shipping Promo

Hello everyone~

I was commenting on a few blogs, when I decided to check out the ole facebook page.

That was a mistake…considering that I saw a post by Sasa. Sasa, if you don’t know, is a chain in Hong Kong (I believe), which my friend likes to say is similiar to SDM here. In any case, when ever she goes back home to Taiwan, she makes sure she stocks up at Sasa before coming home.

Well, I just noticed that Sasa is having a promo where shipping over $15 is free. Now that is quite low, and if you are worried about getting hit by duties, then you are in luck. I haven’t been hit so far, and I thank Sasa for that.

I just picked up the
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack ~$19
Cause everyone has been raving about these for ages now…

Shiseido Perfect Whip $5
I’m almost done the one I am using now

Suzuran Cotton Puffs $2
I like these for odd stuff that I want done. Nails, wiping off clay masques…cheap and plush enough.

Yup. Shopping online at night is dangerous lol


If you are looking for suggestions, I’ve also liked using these items

Hadalabo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Refill) $17
I decanted it in to another container, but liking these types of lotions lately

My Beauty Diary Mask in Black Pearl $14
I love these guys…I bought two boxes in the summer, when they were on sale for $10. So I would suggest you wait til they drop in price again.

FairyDrop Volume Burst Waterproof Mascara $13
I got this in the summer, and have really liked it then. It also cooperated fairly well with another mascara

TISS Deep Off Oil $24
I got this in Korea in 2010, as my cousin bought me a gift set of it. It was a little harder to wash off than the ones I currently used, but it is still a great starter in to the world of cleansing oils.

Juju Cosmetics Collagen Moisture Milk $17
I got this in the summer, and have been using it every since. Just a few drops, and my face isn’t as oily in the morning. So for sure it does moisturize well.


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