Last week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instragram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post :)

My week started off well (though I can’t say it really ended well…), as I received a few goodies. One was the Shiseido Giveaway I won through Dave Lackie! In addition I got #BeautyUnited goodies to play with, and China Glaze to review :) I never get such a busy day, so it was fun to commemorate~

I was out with Mom when she handed me her phone, quite suddenly, demanding I look at the picture. She had gone to church, and when she came out…saw this. How did the person get out? Well probably crawled over to the other side…

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a screening for Hunger Games Catching Fire, thanks to CoverGirl and #BeautyUnited. I had such blast seeing other people, and the movie. Coming from a girl who doesn’t like the books all that much (I’m more of a fan for Divergent, less brutal, though I do respect that the concepts presented in HG are well done), I must say that it is a movie you need to check out. I wonder if it would be more fun to watch in 3D…

I met up w J for late lunch. Seeing as I didn’t have much time to chat with her at events, it was fun to sit down and chat over food :) We stepped in to The Face Shop that has recently opened at Fairview Mall, and saw these cute lotions :D

I also checked out Friday Night Life at the ROM (#FNLROM). I wrote about it HERE, but generally had a lot of fun checking out the exhibits, checking out the food. The 1.5+ hours of waiting in the cold wasn’t fun, so get your tickets for December 6th ASAP.

been feeling a little blah lately. Felt something I haven’t felt in awhile on Friday…and basically made me feel rather crappy. It’s just interesting when people change…In any case, snow has finally fallen (Yay!), but these up coming weeks will be hell for me. But I do have a schedule to keep with my 2013 Holiday Nails series (like the ones I did last year), so hope that I will have stuff to post no matter what :) Also, will be doing a giveaway soon. Haven’t decided if it will be only for current followers on FB/Twitter/Instagram/those who have already commented on the blog. But when I figure that out I’ll post a heads up. Or you can always just leave me a comment/follow just in case :P

Have a great Monday everyone!


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