An attempt to incorporate the abstract…

Been a little busy with school again. These papers are kicking my butt. It doesn’t help that the Superstars in my program have all been getting A’s…then complaining it wasn’t an A+ -___-

In any case, I wanted to post something…I actually have a few things I need to post, or rather wanted to share…however I don’t have the pictures done yet.

So instead, I wanted to share a little picture that I put together a few weeks back.

I shows some pictures HERE, HERE, and HERE.

1 Polish on to freezer paper, ziplock, or silicone (as I do, as I have issues trying to peel it off the former two).
2 Carefully peel off after a few hours, and punch way
3 Arrange shapes in whatever way you want
4 Apply a top coat and place the decals on the nail

Trim out edges if necessary (you can see I didn’t, as a little piece is sticking out)
Slap on a top coat, and BAM!


It was a fun way to make a rather dark and boring nail more interesting.

Anyway, I’m checking out Catching Fire in Theatres today, thanks to #BeautyUnited xD I’m not a HUGE fan of the books, but still excited to see the movie. I heard that it was better than the first, which makes me more excited^__^

Are you planning on seeing Catching Fire??

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