Last week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instragram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post :)

Because last Monday was Remembrance day, I didn’t post my weekly Instagram pictures. So just wanted to backtrack and share them today…
Stalked a deer on campus..I couldn’t help myself lol

Then Instagram Silence, as I was trying to finish assignments…
I took this while I was waiting for my Blogger friend @pixelbunnie to get her lashes placed by one of the works at the Velour Booth. Let’s just say I will never get my lashes applied there…though if I can find a lash glue I’m not allergic to, I will buy because they do look pretty.

I’ll end with this. If you are unable to do something, for whatever reason…do ask for help. It better than thinking you can, and ruining the whole thing.
Some of the body painting work from Make Up For Ever, and Royal & Langnickel. Was so lovely to watch, and check out.
I hadn’t seen HJ in AGES. I mean I saw her in August and hadn’t since then. We didn’t even get to celebrate her birthday :( So finally we met up for Swiss Chalet, and though the service was :T I was so thankful to meet up with this friend of mine. Super thankful she was able to stick around in the westend for longer than she usually does~
The beach volleyball on campus. There was a bit of frost that day, and it looked quite nice. I looked totally weird squatting to take this picture, but I do like it.
I checked out the new Target at Erindale Station Rd, and figured I would browse…The Cosmetic section was all stocked up, and I saw these CUTE piggy banks xD I want one. At $15 I would probably want to buy 3…which really defeats the purpose of saving money…right?
Met with mom for yet another Pho Lunch Date. She had Pho, I had vermicelli again, though I ordered something accidentally…it was still decent :)

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