It’s that time of year again…Shiseido Warehouse Sale

EDIT May 2 2014: The Sale is happening May24-25! Friday is their private ticket only sale which I DO NOT have access to. Thanks to PixelBunnie for the info!


Woke up early to get to the Shiseido sale. Wasn’t sure if we were going to go, as my mother had to visit the hospital last night…but she was determined lol.

A few weeks back she lost a lipstick I bought her. It was brand new…she had accidentally left it in the changeroom at the gym…and within a few minutes, it had been swiped. As a huge fan of Shiseido, my mother was pretty devastated. Okay, maybe devastated wasn’t the right word…but she kept talking about it everyday haha…Oh mother…

The Shiseido sale happens twice a year, and located in Markham.

Shiseido Inc
303 Allstate Parkway
Markham, ON
L3R 5P9, Canada

Friday is the Private Ticket Sale (WHICH I DO NOT HAVE! For those who read this at a later time, I cannot get these tickets for myself, so I don’t have any to give…), Saturday and Sunday the sale is open to the public. Expect to wait there for about an hour. At least until it is closing time. Then you will spend maybe 10 minutes in line.

Shiseido Warehouse Sale

But generally estimate about an hour to get in, and about 40 minutes to check out.

This time around, my mother and I just wanted in and out…so this is what we snagged. Basically it is all hers. The NARS and the Cotton are mine.

Shiseido Benefiance extra creamy cleansing foam $25
Shiseido Benefiance revitalizing emulsion $38
Shiseido Benefiance concentrated anti wrinkle eye cream $36
Shiseido Wriinkleresist24 balancing softner enriched $30
Shiseido Bio performance advanced super revitalizer $55

Shiseido Warehouse Sale

Shiseido Camille compact $15
Shiseido Lifting foundation $15
Shiseido Facial Cotton 8

Shiseido Extra smooth sun protection cream spf 38 $28
Shiseido Sun protection compact refill $10

Shiseido Warehouse Sale

Nars Blush 15
Nars Foaundation 15
Nars Single shadow 8
Nars Duo shadow 10
Nars Concealer 10
Sets were about $24-$75

Shiseido Warehouse Sale
What I actually loved was that they had Grab Bag’s this year! They have one for eyes, and one for lips, and I believe two different bags for each. I am not too fond of having many cream shadows, so I opted to snag a lip bag to share between Mum and I, and she got another for her friend.

Shiseido Warehouse Sale
In any case, it was a rather interesting assortment of stuff. I wish they had more interesting colours, as most of what I got were browns/nudes and metallic finishes…But still there are a few pieces I do like that I find worth the money. I do kind of regret not getting an eye bag…but meh :P

Shiseido Warehouse Sale
Also, I didn’t know this, but they added Cle Deu Peau (CDP as the women there knew it…) last spring (found out through Pixelbunny), so I wanted to check it out. But I COULD NOT for the life of me find it. So I thought they didn’t have it this time. Turns out there was some sort of reservation area for the products…and I didn’t know :T Only found out when I was lined up, and it was kind of too late already. Mum wanted Orlane stuff…so we kind of missed out, but still love what we got.

Oh a final note, when you go PLEASE be nice to the Shiseido workers. I encountered so many rude consumers, that it was really sad :T Not to mention some of the people that go are just out of their minds…one of the reasons I actually hate going to the Shiseido sale, but…the deals…it is a little hard to ignore. Anyway, props to the men and women who worked the sale. They definitely tried their best to keep their cool when people were rude, and did their best to help others that were being pushed and shoved about as well.

Shiseido Warehouse Sale
Mum was tired, and was excited to look in the Grab Bags, so we took a seat. She was so eager, it was cute…so I couldn’t resist taking pictures. But seriously…as my mother gets ready to hit another milestone birthday, I find her being so funny and cute. So I take more pictures :P

Anyway if you wanted to check out the sale, tomorrow is your last chance. If you like Issy Miyake scents, they have some sets as well~ I couldn’t decide so I skipped on it…but I did like their Floral one :)


26 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…Shiseido Warehouse Sale

  1. When I used to live in Toronto, I went to the Shiseido warehouse sale a few times and it was just plain crazy. People fighting to get to the products and grabbing them. The deals were good but the chaos scared me away. You and your Mom got a lot of goodies there. Nice haul.

    • It is pretty crazy isn’t it! It just surprised me that so many of the ones that were so aggressive were the older adults…
      anyway thank you for stopping by and commenting :D

  2. Oh man I totally forgot about the grab bags! I contemplated about getting one during their Spring sale but never got it… and totally regretted it! Here’s hoping their Spring sale is during a weekend I’m not working!

    • ahhh~
      I didn’t read other haul posts from spring Shiseido sale, so I didn’t know about it. But had I, I probably wouldn’t have spent so much time swatching :P Anyway it is a great deal, though Mum ended up ditching 3 lipsticks for it…and has expressed her sadness for not keeping on of the regular lipsticks. So she has been experimenting…but it looks like at this rate I will be going back in the Spring so she can get more :P

  3. Hey! I was just wondering, what times do the doors open on the “open to the public” days?? I am looking to go to the spring one. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Chauntelle,
      I can’t believe I didn’t mention that in the post! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
      I have to double check, but I believe they were open at 9. I remember leaving home about 8, so
      I do think it was 9. If you do go, I do hope you have fun :D

        • I’ll try and remember! I find out like everyone else though, thanks to someone who posts on a forum, or by twitter…and despite asking, it seems no one knows O___O
          I have a bad feeling that they wont have one this year though…I hope I am wrong!

  4. I hope they don’t cancel the event at all. I have gone there a couple of times already with my spouse. She was shopping while I was like holding the basket and of course paying at the cashier. With so much free times, I couldn’t help noticing that there were some occasions when things…can get a little bit chaotic. I mean you have people sorting out their selections literally on the ground. That could potentially tripping people. I guess it was more like some midnight madness sales when things are so much cheaper than the regular retail establishment. I also wonder if those retailers would ever complain to the Shiseido H.O. as it definitely affects their business to some degree with so many people buying and stocking up. On the other hand, I was worried that sometimes some high end items could be easily “taken” without anybody knowing. I think they made some subsequent changes later with better measures to prevent shoplifting especially when it is packed with so many people.

    • Lucky spouse to have you go with her, and hold all the goodies while she scores more goods :D

      I agree about sorting on the ground thing. Since the tables are filled up, people do end up finding whatever space they can to do their sorting. On the plus side, the works and security there, do their best to tell people to move it back to the tables. And yes, they did end up storing the more expensive things like CDP over at the cash, cause I noticed that too. With all the chaos, it is definitely a theft issue. Though I think most people are just so happy with the prices to start off that they don’t think about it xD

      In any case, I do hope they have it too! Hopefully we will hear more about it this week, if it is to happen in May :)

      Thanks for sharing Bill

    • I’m not sure what you mean by that?
      I am not affiliated with Shiseido, so I don’t have any information about them~

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