So I checked out IMATS 2013 last week…

In all my years of going to IMATS, this year was the first time I was REALLY unprepared for it. With slightly conflicting scheduling, late night out the night before (celebrating a friends birthday), being busy with several papers leading up to IMATS, I couldn’t put in the research I usually do.

Regardless, I still enjoyed myself, though I wish I had more sleep so I could have attended more seminars, and have dinner with other Bloggers & MUA’s. Next year I suppose :)

I met up with Jessica of PixelBunny, and was glad to have a partner to check out IMATS this year. The last time I did that, it was way back at my first IMATS.

I also could not for the life of me, find the energy to take my heavy camera, so I have taken all pictures with my Nexus4, which has a shoddy camera :T Times like this makes me REALLY miss my iPhone4.

As soon as I got there, I kind of ditched Jessica for over 40 minutes, trying to get my MUFE order in. Poor Jess, but she was able to do a bit of shopping :) In any case, I picked up a few things, and we went around to check things out. As I was walking about, I noticed a Zucca that had a bunch of MONDA Brush Cleaner on top. It immediately reminded me of Melody, who had posted and raved about it being her favourite brush cleaner I then looked up and BAM! It WAS Melody! A lovely MUA based in Ottawa, who drove in for IMATS. I got to meet her at the Montagne Jeunesse event back in the spring! Anyway it was lovely to see her again, and meet her with her friend who was another Arist and Lash Stylist. Nigel’s was having a sale, where a big bottle was $25, but you got a smaller sampler bottle for free. Of course I had to buy it xD I then got to browse about a bit more…so I could pick up my brushes from Bdellium (where the Daniel and Edward are always a delight to buy from. I mean so cheerful, always smiling, and just super kind. Plus I got to get a free yellow bag! xD I love yellow :P) Usually things go smoothly, but this year I did encounter a rather unfortunate time at Velour Lashes. They had a great deal where lashes were $20, and with them so soft and gorgeous looking, I couldn’t help but be drawn to them, despite not being able to wear lashes cause of my latex allergy (It’s also hard for me to find a non-latex glue that my eyes don’t hate as well…). IMATS Toronto 2013 IMATS Toronto 2013

EDIT: Velour Lashes got in contact, which I appreciated. They got in contact with Jess as well about the issue.

I know they can’t be held 100% responsible for what their hired artists do, but I would have thought that they would have paid a little more attention and notice that we had been at the application area for over 25 minutes…But I guess it couldn’t be helped when they were so busy attracting potential new clients. In any case, I felt horrible for suggesting the Velour Lashes to Jessica when her first experience with false lashes went SUPER poorly. I wished I had suggested Minked, where I knew I could trust the Artists, as I knew one. In any case, once it was one, even for the short amount of time as they were improperly placed, they did look great on Jessica. I should just mention that if you feel uncomfortable in ANY way, no matter the situation, you should tell your Artist at any time. Do NOT let them make you think that it is because “it is the first time,” that you are trying out something. That was one of my biggest annoyances with this MUA, as CLEARLY there was something wrong, and she tried to casually dismiss Jessica’s concerns. Was not impressed with that, so I had to tell her that she had misplaced them, and NO her vision should not be partially obstructed because the lashes were pointing down. In any case, you can read her experience HERE. I still think she was being too nice, there was just so much that went wrong in that time. I stepped away for a little bit to talk with some other bloggers/MUA’s, that I missed the fact that she got GLUE in her eye!! Ugh. Anyway, I was frustrated that I missed out on a large chunk of Kevin James Bennett’s seminar, so we went immediately after another Artist had placed Jessica’s lashes. There I got to simmer down a bit. Though really, KJB is just SUPER likable, that his quirky fun loving personality made me laugh…and it’s hard to remain angry when someone is making you laugh. IMATS Toronto 2013 IMATS Toronto 2013 I had wanted to sit in on the Jordane Seminar, with COLIN PENMAN, but had to leave…was super exhausted by then. IMATS Toronto 2013 Just before I left, I got a few shots of some of the work that was going around at the booths. IMATS Toronto 2013 IMATS Toronto 2013 IMATS Toronto 2013 IMATS Toronto 2013 Make Up For Ever IMATS Toronto 2013 IMATS Toronto 2013 I know it isn’t easy to have prosthetics on your face. I was there when I was a model for my friend one year. But these two girls really stuck it through, and they looked amazing :D

I wasn’t able to attend the Student Competition, and was only able to snap these two pictures…

IMATS Toronto 2013 IMATS Toronto 2013 I love how the Artists are super dedicated. I mean to work in such a field, you really need to be. Anyway, it is always inspiring to see the creativity, and the work that they do. My Haul: IMATS Toronto 2013 Monda was $25, and got the smaller one for free Bdeullium 776 was recommended by Rica, and I wanted another 780. They were $5 each. Bdellium Set was $28 I also picked up MUFE Pro Finish Foundation, HD foundation (for mom), and two of their Aqua Liners for myself. But forgot to take pictures of it. So what have a learned this year? GET MORE SLEEP! If I am paying $30US, I need to be able to stick it out longer. I WANTED to see more seminars, but I was physically and mentally wilting…so I just couldn’t. But it was fabulous to see many MUA’s and Bloggers that I know, and to meet some new ones as well :) Always a delight, and one of the bigger reasons I like going to IMATS really. In any case, good times…Let’s see if I go next year :P


4 thoughts on “So I checked out IMATS 2013 last week…

  1. Great event coverage Esther. I didn’t even take any pictures with my phone, just too busy shopping and browsing. Once again we missed each other at IMATS this year but maybe next year!

    • haha yes I was too busy to really take any decent pictures, but oh well :P
      and yes, I was sad I missed out on you! Since you had pictures up, I was looking about for you…
      but definitely next year :)

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