Some products to consider if you are a student…Part 2

Since I’ve already talked about things that I would carry about with me (Part 1 HERE), I figured I would also mention a few things that one might consider to have in their personal stash. Now I mention variations. In no way am I saying you need all! I only have several options cause of the opportunities I have had with various PR, sales, and friends.

These are things that I have found that have worked for me, and figured I would share. I haven’t done separate reviews on some, but may in the near future.

My minimum face products
My Essentials

As a student, nearing the end of her 20’s, makeup is a bit more important to me. I look so lifeless when I don’t lol.

In any case…

  • A lip balm of some variation is good. Keep those lips hydrated, so you don’t pick at them when you are bored in class (I did a post on balms HERE)
  • Concealer to cover up spots, redness, or dark circles…I need it for the latter…and the former…I have the mini Benefit, but also use the MUFE
  • Marcelle BB cream is something that is quick and easy, for those mornings you wake up late, but can’t just leave the house barefaced. In a pinch I slap this on and it works as a moisturizer as well. Better than nothing when I need to dash out of the house
  • Eyeliners in the pencil or the liquid variety. When I am at school for a long time, I prefer liquid since they last longer. But I like the softer effect of pencils
  • Stains are long lasting, meaning that you don’t have to touch up as much. Plus they are double duty, In the picture we have Innisfree and The Body Shop
  • If you want colour on your lids, but don’t have time to do a big eye look, these lovely shadow pencils are great. I find that I can use them as a base, or alone, and still achieve very decent results in terms of wear time
  • lastly a good mascara. I find that waterproof lasts the best on me, so I have been loving the Fairy Drops mascara

However if you are going to do your face, removal is also equally as important. Really ladies, learn from an oldie who regrets not taking care of her face better as a young one.

My removers
My Essentials

  • If you are exhausted, your last resort should be the use at the very least, a baby wipe. Personally I love the Kirkland brand, as it doesn’t leave a weird residue, smell weird, or feel rough on the face. I buy a box for $20, and use it for like a year.
  • I have also found that the Neutrogena All in One is also quite decent. Takes a little bit of work to remove waterproof stuff, but still relatively easy to remove all. Pictured is the sample size I got through a sample kit that I signed up for online
  • Marcelle Eye Make Up Remover Pads work to break down the products on your eye. Not the best that I have tried out, but works well enough for regular use. I picked this up when it was on sale for $6, so you may want to wait for sales to try it out

Now though those guys up there will help you get out of your makeup quickly, I would suggest to try out a more thorough clean

  • Origins makes a great smelling Clean Energy Cleansing Oil. I got this from the MAC warehouse sale, but have enjoyed using it. It emulsifies quite easily, and just feels nice on the face. Relaxing.
  • The Body Shop has Shiso, which I love a bit more than Origins Clean Energy. If that one had rinsed off well, this one just knocks it out of the park. Plus you only need a little to really melt the makeup. Plus it is cheaper!
  • Finally I would suggest you check out the Marcelle Soothing Cleansing water. I picked up the bonus size, which I don’t think you can find, but it is a great deal. Plus a few of the MUA’s on my Twitter list have raved about it a lot, for good reason. One pump on a cotton pad, pressed to the eye for like 10 seconds, and BAM we have take off :P

My treatment/cleansers
My Essentials

If you are anything like me, you will break out from the stresses of school. So here are a few things that have helped me to try and lessen those outbreaks, while at the same time trying to care fr my skin.

  • Face masques help to relax, or detox, depending on what you pick. I have the Innisfree one my friend brought for me, but I love the My Beauty Diary ones, as well as the Montagne Jeunesse Clay ones (Which I initially got from their press event, but have bought subsequent ones of. Check out the posts HERE)
  • Those make things easy, but I also love a regular clay masque, Queen Helene which is relatively cheap, which I bought from Sally Beauty
  • Or you can try out a more expensive one from Kiehl’s, that is actually a little strong, so you may want to sample it first before buying
  • Green Beaver Pink Grapefruit wash was introduced to me through Watercoloursky, and I have been using it for a few years now. I pick mine up from I like that it is gentle for the morning, and smells delicious
  • the pink thing is Lush Fresh Farmacy to soothe the skin
  • the black one is Lush Coalface which I use to try and keep outbreaks at bay
  • the orange tube is The Body Shops Microdermabrasion that I bought, and have been liking to try and polish the skin, getting rid of dead cells

Again, those were just my suggestions, and what I currently use. If you have anything that you have tried that you liked, let me know! I am always on the lookout for something new to try out, to wake up my skin :)

Additional treatments/moisturizers
My Essentials

Now here are a few random bits that I also use, that might be something to consider as well

  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, my acne spot treatment
  • Kiehl’s Midnight Concetrate, you only need a few drops, or you can use a bit more and take some time massaging your face
  • Vasanti Eyewonder, because it is never to early to start taking care of the skin around your eyes! I got this last year at IMATS, but almost done!
  • Night application deodorant (this was part of my awesome swag bag from #BeautyUnited)
  • Sudocrem is basically zinc to help with settling blemishes on the face. It can clog pores though, so you want to use in moderation (more info can be found HERE). In any case, whenever I had really angry, red, puss filled pimples, that are swollon a bit so I look like I have an addition to my face…I work some extraction and massage this in. The next morning it has settled down, and very much along to being gone.
  • Nexcare are little patches that they use on patients that have infections. Basically if you have puss pimples, you can apply one of these on, and 8 hours later it will have settled down. You can find it at Sasa, which is where I picked mine up
  • Batiste…is a staple for me. For Just in case emergencies. When my hair was permed, I used it every other day to help prolong hair washing
  • La Roche Posay Thermal Water Spray is just great for everything.  I have the large size, but for picture purposes used the smaller travel one. I use it to set makeup, prep for mineral foundation, for skin irritations…everything really :P

So that is where this post comes to an end.

Was there anything that stood out to you? Or perhaps something you would suggest to me? Let me know :)



*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events, in this case the Secret Deodorant. The opinions on this blog are my own*


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