Shadow Addictions…

So a few months back, this package showed up on my doorstep from Annabelle. It contained their lovely TwistUp that I wrote about HERE, but also contained a new Quad and liner for me to play with.

Annabelle TwistUp

Today I wanted to talk about the latter two…

The Quad Shadow is a newer addition to their line. Since the discontinuation of the Custom Mono Shadow pans, I was pretty curious to see what would be used to fill their place. Got to say that the Quad is a nice one to replace it with.

The quads are well selected, providing the user a way to create a quick look in one product. They have a step by step suggestion on the back, though that is not the only way to use them. I mean I use mind for all over wash, highlighting, accenting…so it can be quite versatile.

Annabelle Eyeshadow Quad
Annabelle Eyeshadow Quad
My ranking of the shadows (in terms of my likes): 4 1 3 2.

1 This is really light, and so it doesn’t show that much on me. What I do like about this is that I can use it as a brow highlight, or to blend outer edge of the shadow, just as they suggest.

2 Pink is a little hard for me to wear, so what I use this for is a middle ground blender. Basically I pat it on as a transition.

3 This had a lot of potential, and though it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped, I still find it quite decent. It leans more on the sheer side on me (like #2), but again that works out if I am in a rush and just want to add a wash of colour on the lids before dashing out.

4 It leans more purple in the pan, but my skin pulls it more towards brown-ish on me. In any case, I like using this to darken out the outer part of my eye. I have worn it as a a full lid colour when I was in a rush. As I made sure to blend, I didn’t look to drastic for a regular day.

Annabelle also came out with a Retractable Eyeliner in Twilighting, which is a lovely purple. The built in sharper is a nice touch for those who want to keep a sharp point.

Annabelle Eyeshadow Quad
This is how I wear it when I do. I always prep with UDPP, and typically use some sort of a cream base. In this case I have used a bit of Annabelle Smoothie in Mokamirage

You can find them at SDM, Rexall, or online HERE. They are about $10.95, lower if you go to some places. Based on some swatches I have seen, I would definitely want to check out Chai Chai Chai, Though Java Jive looks great too! The Rectractable Eyeliner is $9.99, with a total of 6 colours to choose from, and can be found on their website HERE. Rexall and Shoppers offers 10-15% off on Annabelle quite often, so it is another chance to save some money.

*Products in this post have been provided for review purposes, opinions are my own*


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