Some products to consider if you are a student…Part 1

*First happy birthday to my friend EK :D Yay! Can’t wait to celebrate with you*

This post ended up being rather long, so I wanted to split it up in to two parts. Today I will show the first.

Now the title does state “student” however it really isn’t restricted to just to them. In addition, I recognize that not all students would want to have all the products I might be suggesting, or even want to because they don’t use as much to start off with. That’s cool. Again these are just suggestions that have helped me with my student life at the moment, so I figured I would share.

In any case, I wanted to start off with the posts that is directed to what I like to carry about with me, for different types of days that I need to tackle. With that in mind, let’s go! :D

My Essentials

As a student, there are things that I try to have with me at all ties. Those things change, but I try to have them. Since I like browsing “What’s in Your Bag” Flickr Collection, or “What’s in your Makeup Bag”, posts, etc…I figured that I would share some pictures of this topic.

My condensed goodies

My Essentials

There are days when I am at school for 9 hours. Because of that, sometimes I want to have highly condensed bag to carry around. That means that I try to keep things at a minimum. So this is one of them. Mini brush I bought from The Body Shop. I love it, mini, and works well with my hair. Plus it was like $5 or something. USB is necessary as a student. This is actually a loaner from my friend, I like it cause Pooh is attached to it :P Advil that also contains flu medication for Just in Case situations. A few coins in a baggie so that they don’t dirty anything. This is basically emergency money. Oil blotters, which don’t really need an introduction. Visine is another thing that doesn’t need an intro, I mean, long days in front of a computer mean that they need some help sometimes. EOS Cucumber lotion*, well lotion in general is necessary, as the dryers at school in combination with their soap seem to dry out my skin quickly. I like the EOS one because of the fact that it is flat, space saver (I wrote about it more here). BBW Sanitizer, which I try to snag when they are on sale. This one smells quite potent though, so you may want to test them out in stores. Sephora mirror. The Hello Kitty Excel tin container (which btw are awesome for storage) container mini eyeglass screwdriver, nail clippers, scissors, bandaids and bobbi pin. I usually also shove in a hair tie.

Spending most of my day at the library (or potentially overnight)

My Essentials

In addition to what I might have up there, when I know I need to stay late in to the night at the library (cramming), my bag changes yet again. I add a mini vial of perfume, I add the thermal water spray (this one is La Roche Posay, which is such a fine mist that it feels wonderfully luxurious). Spritz this on your face, and you feel refreshed. The Crest Mouthwash is also a good idea. This is a bottle I got through BzzAgents, as I was approved for a campaign back in the summer.

My typical bag

My Essentials

Now, if I know I’m only out for a few hours, or I need to look decent, this is the bag I am more likely to carry to school/out. I have a few things that I have already mentioned, but I add a bit more makeup. I have the Stila Convertible Colour, as I can use it on my cheeks and my lips. The Posietint cause I love tints, and mini sizes are awesome for travel. Two sample vials of perfume, one that might be more appropriate for date night, and one for the day. An eyeliner that I can rely on, in this case the Annabelle Smudgeliner, as it has a wonderful smudger on the other end (this is from a stash I got Macnunu to CP for me long ago). Finally, MUFE concealer to touch up spots on the face.

Since I’ve already talked about things that I would carry about with me, I figured I would also mention a few things that one might consider to have in their personal stash. Now I mention variations, in no way am I saying you need all! I only have several options cause of the opportunities I have had with various PR, sales, and friends.


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