What are you getting at IMATS Toronto?

As I do every year, I wondered if I really needed to go to IMATS year.

I mean…I am just a fanatic, not an artist that needs to go.

I tell myself I go for the MUFE discount, but really I think it is to immerse myself in such a powerful and fun environment. So I ended up buying my ticket yet again, and headed there next Saturday.

Seeing as it is quickly approaching us, I just wanted to share a few things I wanted to check out.

Check out last years post with the stuff I bought HERE

Bdellium Tools Brushes

I picked up the 780 Pencil Brush last year, and I actually liked using it. Website Link

Aside from that one, I actually have enough sets of their Green Bamboo line, that I shouldn’t want any more, but am considering a set if I can be persuaded by the price :P Most likely I will, as their brushes are hard to walk away from.

On the note of brushes…


From what I recall of previous years, they typically have the more expensive range. I remember picking one up and nearly dropping it when I found out how expensive it was lol
In any case, if I remembered incorrectly, I would love to pick up a few of these guys, which I read about through

G5515BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed $15US

B533BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed $18

210 Blush Brush round $36US

Make Up For Ever

I need…

Pro Finish Foundation

HD foundation/maybe the Mat instead

Aqua liners (yes linerS, as I found they performed quite well with my oily lids)

and I think I may jump on a flash palette this year.
Kind of in preparation for next year…seeing as I want to do something face painted…

Beauty So Clean

I picked up the show stopper last year, which was the mist, the cleanser, the wipes, and two mini bottles of their Christmas cleanser. It was $50. I am still working on the box, so I think I may only pick up another mist, as I am almost done the one I got last year.

I like checking out special fx stuff, so I’ll be stopping by Jordane Cosmetics, SKS Makeup, Wolfe Canada, OCC. I actually want to buy a OCC Stained Gloss, but I know I shouldn’t, so I will most likely hold back. Let’s see how I do lol

Motives Comsetics

Just found out through Swatch&Reviews comment over at GlitterDiaries, that Motives Cosmetics will be at the show as well. I don’t know a lot about them, but that I have seen lip swatches on Instagram a LOT. They look really great, so will be stopping by the booth to check out the what else they have in their collection.

You can check out the rest of the exhibitors HERE, but the ones I mentioned were the ones I wanted to pay attention to, for personal reasons. But I will be checking them all out if I can :)


Make-Up Artist magazine presents KEYNOTE SPEAKER EVE PEARL
Award Winning Beauty Techniques
Eve Pearl always makes her sessions an interesting experience. I think I have sat in every time she was here.

Make-Up Artist magazine presents FEATURED SPEAKER SHEELAGH WELLS
50 Years of Doctor Who
I want to go to this, but there is a timing conflict. Boooo. Anyway we will see if I end up going :P

Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg. presents KEVIN JAMES BENNETT
Tracking Trends: Spring 2014
At my first IMATS, KJB was at one of the booths that I was lined up at, and was entertaining us. He was witty, friendly, and just so at home with the people he was working with at the booth. When someone is that wonderful, it is hard to not think he is amazing. And that was without seeing his work first hand, when I did, it was a done deal lol Anyway, it was funny to me though, as I am HORRIBLE with names. I hadn’t made the connection that he was the KJB of InMyKit. It was a website I refered back to a lot for my own uses, as it was very informative, and straight from a credible MUA who had worked with many different faces. 

Jordane Cosmetics presents COLIN PENMAN
Aliens, Lipstick, Blusher and Blood
I may check this one out, but not 100% sure as of yet.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics presents COURTNEY TICHMAN
Fall Make-up Trends
I don’t believe I have gone to any of the OCC seminars, but figured it was time to change that. Since we are still in the early stages of fall, I thought it would be fun to check out.

Now all those are for Saturday, but I wish I could attend on Sunday. However I need to make some money back after spending so much on the Saturday lol

In any case, I really enjoy the Sunday speakers, as the focus is on Special FX. I only was able to attend one year, but it was a lot of fun. If I were going…I’d check out these speakers :)

Jordane Cosmetics presents COLIN PENMAN
Fantasy Make-up with Airbrushing

Make-Up Artist magazine presents DREAM OUT LOUD
A doccumentary on Oscar-nominated make-up artist Kazuhiro Tsuji,

Make-Up Artist magazine presents RANDY DAUDLIN
Chemical Reaction

Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg. presents VARGAS
Fantasy and Faces: Beyond Color, Shimmer and Glitter Applications
(I’ve seen him before, and just loved the work that he did :))

Check out what a few other MUA’s are thinking of picking up at IMATS next weekend (I’ll add a few more as I come across them):
Joy @ thejoyofmakeup

Anna @ Siciliannabeauty

Kelly @ Glitterdiaries


8 thoughts on “What are you getting at IMATS Toronto?

  1. I love the Hakuhodo eye brushes. They’re so wonderfully soft but not too soft. I just picked up a few not too long ago and now I’m contemplating on getting more. And maybe some face brushes. Ahhh, I’m hooked.

    • haha, really? Well I gotta see…investments are always good for great quality, but got to see if I can manage a proper budget that won’t make me cry later lol. Thank you for sharing your input on them :)

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