Star Attraction

Revlon Star Attraction
Revlon released a collection called Star Attraction.

It was released about a year ago, based on the date of the pictures I checked out on Google, but I only managed to snag them recently at Dollarama (Canadian Dollar Store Chain).

I wrote about the other polish that I picked up HERE.

In any case, I wanted to talk about Pop Star, the colour that I did manage to pick up.

Revlon Star Attraction
Pop Star is quite pretty. I love the sheen it gives, and the way that it looked in the bottle.

However I really picked it up for the Starburst magnetic that it came with :P It was one pattern I did not have in my stash.

(NOTE: In my pictures you will see a dent in the swatch near the nail bed. I have applied these over a clear soak off gel layer, which has grown out a lot. That is what you are seeing, not an issue with the Revlon polish itself)

Revlon Star Attraction

Now Pop Star doesn’t look like such a stunnner (IMO), until you bring it to life through the use of the magnet. I have shown the polish on its on on my middle finger.

Revlon Star Attraction
Revlon Star Attraction
On the index, I accidentally moved the magnet, which resulted in jagged lines.
On the pinky, I tried starting the starburst print from the side of the nail.

Generally I feel that the magnet was decent enough. Though there is a tad bit of a problem.

Revlon Star Attraction
Since the magnet is attached to the top of the bottle, what ends up happening is that you can either put the brush back in, screw it closed, than flip it upside down to print your nail. Or you can flip the brush upside down and get at the nail. I opted for the first option as I didn’t want the polish to pool in the inner cavity, and make a mess later on. Though this is a pain, the polish that I have was fluid enough that the 10 seconds I spent trying to close and flip it, didn’t seem to affect the polish too much. I wonder if it would have helped to have placed the magnet on the bottom of the bottle. But then again I guess that is awkward too. You may have also noticed that there are no ridges to place against your finger. Which means you have to be a little more careful when bringing it close to the nail. Since I typically just do my accent nail, and not all my fingers, I find that bringing the bottle to eye level helps to ensure that I don’t touch the polish with the magnet.

Anyway, I only bought one, which was $2, but I wish I had bought another. But I have a stash of random stuff at home, so it’s not like I really need more…right?

haha…the issues of hoarding polish :P

I only have this one, but you can check out other swatches through Google HERE

So, magnetic nail art. Have you moved on from that phase?

*Products were purchased with my own funds, for my own amusement*


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