Halloween :)

So Dear Readers…
What have your children, your partner, your roomate, your friend etc dress up for this Halloween?

Personally I think dressing up is fun…but I’d rather someone dress me up and do my face rather than having to do it on my own…haha…

Anyway just for the sake of Halloween, I thought I would try a dark lip…VERY dark lip.


I used the Annabelle Khol Eyeliner pencil in Black (~$6CAN). I picked this up as part of a duo, that was packaged with the Le Big Show mascara.

I’m assuming that what is eye safe is pretty mouth safe, but do not take my word for it. Please exercise precaution.

In any case, the black lip was a little flat on its own, so I dabbed the dark purple that is found in the Annabelle Quad Shadow in Pink-a-boo* that I received back in August. I dabbed it just to the middle inner bit of the lip…and like the effect~ Might have to try it out over a cream shadow.

A blurred picture to show you how pretty the shadow is :D

I also wanted to try out a few polishes that could be a potential Halloween NOTD. Let’s just say that it was a total fail! lol Sometimes that happens. What you conceive in your head, just doesn’t play out the right way you wanted it to.

That’s fine, you make do, or erase it and try again…and again…and again…lol

I was aiming to try out the water spotted method (drop polish in a container of water, and spritz something thing with alcohol in it, on to the polish to create the spots). The first time I was too close, and it broke apart the circle of polish…

It still looked interesting, but wasn’t what I wanted.

So I tried it again over China Glaze Mummy May I (a Halloween collection from a few years back)

Too dark, it didn’t show up.

Fine then…lets try the orange again…


haha, well I tried. I do like the green sheen that is seen in the Revlon Haunted House polish. On the plus side, at least I got more spots this time :P

In any case, what is more horrifying than a majorly failed polish excursion?? :P

Hope that you have fun tonight, and good luck snagging 50% candy tomorrow xD


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