Gotta love red…

I love red.

As a kid, I had this lovely red MEC Gortex Jacket. It survived many winters. Actually…I still have it in the basement…it feels like such a shame to toss something I really enjoyed. In any case, I loved it not just because it was waterproof, or that it was a brilliant wind protector…but because it was red.

I love it in nearly everything really…and so having the Cover Girl Flamed Out pencil in my swag bag from the #BeautyUnited launch was a delight.

I love the ease of pencils, and well one of the things I recommend to my friends to try out. My normal go to ones are the Annabelle and the Urban Decay ones. Generally they are just so easy to use, and simple to tote around in your bag. Plus depending on how you wield it, you can use it as a liner as well. Or even a blush…

Anyway, the point is that they are just fun to use. The CoverGirl Flamed Out pencil in Red Hot Flame was no exception.

This reminded me of their eyeshadow pencils that I bought long ago in 2000 (I have them in a memory box…like I mentioned in the post yesterday. I’ll try and post a pic eventually :P), the reason was that there was a slight cooling sensation when I applied it. Maybe it is just the fact that the pencil was in a cold room…(yes my room is quite cold), but I liked it. In addition, I don’t have a red shadow pencil, so I was pretty excited to use it. I didn’t help that this is supposed to be quite budge proof. You can see the complete list of colours HERE, and though I have Crystal Flame, I’ll be posting about only Red Hot Flame today.

So the babies are supposed to be gel-like in formula, which set after 20 seconds or so. Basically you have enough time to work with them a bit. Here is what I did with them…

CoverGirl Red Hot Flame Shadow Pencil
Annabelle Smoothie in Mokamirage (I can never remember if it’s this one or the Cocoaloco one that I got. So for just in case, situation. I’m saying this is a sample *
Annabelle Single Shadow in Goddess *
Cover Girl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Red Hot Flame 310 *
Annabelle Mono Shadow in Buff Naked (DC’ed)
Annabelle Liquid Liner in Titanium *
Essence I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara *

CoverGirl Red Hot Flame Shadow Pencil
CoverGirl Red Hot Flame Shadow Pencil
CoverGirl Red Hot Flame Shadow Pencil

I applied Mokamirage in the inner half of the lid, and blended it out a bit. Then I applied Goddess with my finger, than patted it on with a brush to intensify the colour a bit more. I then applied Red Hot Flame straight with the pencil. After blending out the edges of Red Hot Flame, I then went back with the pencil to intensify the colour closer to the lash line. I used Buff Naked to blend out the edges more, then applied Titanium with an eyeliner brush. I used whatever was left on the brush to brush along the lower lash line (giving it a bit of oomph). Lastly I added I Heart Extreme, but wish I used something else first. I always forget that this formula is really wet, and thus undoes any curling done prior to application.

Generally I think red is fun to pull off, as long as you ensure you blend it out well, and use eyeliner for both the top and bottom lining. Otherwise for my skin and eye, I felt that the red over powered it, and made it look odd. If you feel that red might be too intense, pair it with a more neutral colour as an anchor. That’s always what I end up doing if I want colour, but scared it is too intense.

CoverGirl Red Hot Flame Shadow Pencil
CoverGirl Red Hot Flame Shadow Pencil
Here, I used Red Hot Flame all over the lid, then used MAC Ruby Red to blend out the edges of it. Slapped on MUFE Aqua Liner, threw on a few coats of Annabelle Expandable.

I probably shouldn’t have used Ruby Red, as it is way too pink for the Red Hot Flame, but luckily after blending it out it doesn’t pop as much as I thought it would.

In my quest to find a colour to use as my blender, I went ahead and swatched what I thought was red. Clearly I am colour blind…cause a lot of them aren’t really that red based lol. At least now I know :)
CoverGirl Red Hot Flame Shadow Pencil
Red/Redish colours
CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil 310
MAC Paint Pot Rubenesque
Benefit Creaseless Get Figgy
MAC Ruby Red
MAC Heritage Rouge
MAC Reflects Blackened Red
Hard Candy Feeling Rosey

*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*

Products marked with “*” have been provided for review purposes, and some have been won through respective brand’s Twitter Giveaways

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