Last week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post :)

Normally it is a tad bit of a pain that I attend the UTM campus of the University of Toronto. Because I rely on public transportation, and coupled with the fact that the campus is in the middle of a forest (might be slightly exaggerated…), it hard to get off campus if you miss your bus. In any case, one of the reasons I do love it, is the fresh air, and the seasonal changes that I get to see. This day was no exception. As we slowly move to fall and winter, the leaves start changing, and it just is nice to watch and take in.

Anyway last week was a tad hectic for me. I still haven’t recovered, and probably won’t til next week. This was a little depiction of how I thought the next 18 hours of my day would go…using Line Camera lol

I put in an order for Sephora’s F&F with two other friends. We didn’t get much. I actually started off with 21 items in my cart…and weeded it down. I couldn’t justify spending much after paying off the rest of my yearly tuition -____-

Seeing as I had a rough week, despite being tired I wanted to hang out with my friends. We had originally planned for a Girls Night in, where I had wanted to bring a few things I needed new homes for, and had Montagne Jeunesse clay masques all set to go…but unfortunately plans changed last minute. Hopefully we can do it soon so we can have some fun at home :P In any case, we ended up going to the Bier Markt on Esplanade. I actually like going to Bier Markt for the evening, to chill and dance. The problem is that I find that the live shows that they host are a hit or a miss. This night…I would say it was a miss. However I liked the music they played in between, as a lot of it took me back to highschool. Most of the kiddies there probably weren’t old enough to know most of the songs that were going on…so they probably felt the way I did when the live show was happening lol. Anyway, I like going there. I had a bit of a problem with one of the bartenders, but luckily her coworkers made up for it.

I LOVE American Apparel Circle Scarves. I have a grey one I bought with a coupon I bought from Groupon, I think it was Groupon…then I bought a navy and white one (that I want to dip die) from Hautelook. I like the versatility it provides me, especially when I am in lectures. Shawl, lap warmer, or the scarf. It works :)

After Bier Markt, my friends and I were walking to the TTC station, when it was decided that we needed to get something to eat. We wanted noodles or pho, but seeing the location is located away from China Town, we ended up picking up street meat. So good after a long night :)

Mum was watching Korean Dramas, when she yelled out she wanted to eat Jajangmyun. The problem is that it was 10:30ish, and well we didn’t have any Jajangmyun at home. Frustrated at her craving, she made Tteokboki instead lol she amuses me.

Lastly, I was in Bloor West Village, when I ended up having to stop by Bread and Roses. It was my first time inside (well as an adult, I was there when I was a kid…which was a long time ago), despite it having been there FOREVER. Anyway, it smelled so lovely inside…like really good. I didn’t want to leave good…lol


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