Enjoying Orly Textures

A little while back, I managed to snag three of the Orly Fx Texture polishes.

Orly Fx Pixels
Silver Pixel – Plum Pixel – Black Pixel

At the time, I just thought they were pretty and bought them, not knowing they were even textured polishes! haha…

In any case, I got home, applied it…and fell in love.

Orly Fx Pixels
Orly Fx Pixels

As my friend says, “It just looks like glitter polish…” and yet, its fun to me.

It isn’t super gritty, which I like, and it shimmer so wonderfully in the sun…

And at the right light, the flash you see at the corner of your eye from one of their bigger glitter pieces…Just…lovely~:D

Orly Fx Pixels
Orly Fx Pixels

I couldn’t capture the texture as well as others, but at the same time it also goes to show that it isn’t as textured as many other texture polishes out there. Which in my view is fine. I can still feel that it is a texture polish, but doesn’t look too over the top.

I actually may like these ones a tad more than the OPI ones, though the OPI ones have pretty glitter chucks in them. I can’t say my preference with the Zoya ones, as I haven’t tried them, but I hope to soon~ (So if you see them on sale at Trade Secrets, give me a heads up :D)

Orly Fx Pixels

Anyway, I snagged these at Sally Beauty Supply when they were having their additional 50% off clearance, so I think I picked up all three for the price of one (about $8).

You may still find some on your Sally Beauty Store Clearance shelf, but probably note. However if you are still interested in them, you can find them at NailPolishCanada.
6 Piece Set
Individual bottles Black, Plum, Pink, Rose, Silver, and Aqua

Well it is the end of the weekday!
I have suffered a bit this week, and have been disappointed by lack of performance at school, but I am almost done my insane week. Still have to hand in two papers that are being handed in late -___-, but after next Wednesday I will be able to breathe temporarily. And hopefully back to my normal sleeping schedule, instead of this 3 hours a night crap…meaning I fall asleep on the bus OTL


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