Black Magic with a bit of Pop Star

I think one of the easiest ways to incorporate some sort of nail deco, other than glitter or tape/stickers, is to use magnetic nail polish.

These were so hard to find a few years back, and a lot of us basically lusted after the European release of a collection. Then the top brands FINALLY got the idea, and released a whole bunch.

I have mentioned my play in to the Nabi Magnetics, and well as the Deborah Lippmann Magnetics. And today, I wanted to show you an accent nail using Revlon’s Pop Star.

I used Revlon’s Top Speed polish in Black Magic, I believe it was last years collection. Than used Revlon’s Pop Star Magnetic Polish for the accent nail.

Revlon NOTD
(btw the dents you see near the cuticle is not because of the Revlon polish. I have a clear soak of gel layer underneath. I have been doing this to keep my nails a little stronger, and to prolong the wear of my regular polishes that I apply on top. I may have to write about this in a separate blog post in the future…)

Black Magic is a wonderfully pigmented polish, that is also quite glossy on its own. In the picture this was without a top coat. And the line does dry relatively quickly, which is great for the gal on the go. I have to say that it won’t be I-gotta-wash-the-dog-now type of dry, but enough that you can do light work around the place.

Pop Star is one that I will have a post on next week, but for the most part I found it rather easy to work with…though there are a few issues with the idea that the magnetic is attached to the top. Regardless the colour is lovely, and I don’t have a starburst pattern magnetic in my stash, so I was glad to snag this one.

Revlon NOTD

I know that both of these are old polishes, but I picked mine up at Dollarama (Canadian Dollar Store), or you can try finding them at the Revlon Warehouse Sales that happen every once in awhile. You can check out more details from or buy them from the website.

*Products in this post were purchased with my own funds, and was not compensated in any way for mention of the products or links*

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