I swear they are multiplying…

*This post contains products that I have received as samples for reviewing purposes, and products that I have bought with my own funds*

Okay…so maybe they aren’t, but they are indeed everywhere!

What is?

My lip balms.

My Lip Balm Rotation
(I wish I could say that this was all, but I do have a CO Bigelow gloss balm, and more EOS that you will see at the end of the post…)

My Lip Balm Rotation

I received this in my swag bag from the #beautyunited launch in August. I had seen it pop up on various blogs, and was pretty curious. This one isn’t pigmented at all, at least on my lips, but has a tiny bit of fine shimmer. It also has a sheen to it when applied, so it perks up your lips a bit. I’m not a huge fan of how it smells, but I have found that it works pretty well as a night treatment for your lips. I apply it at night, and when I wake up in the morning my lips are hydrated and ready for a kick-butt lip colour application. So really this is great for double duty purposes.

My Lip Balm Rotation

I’ve been using these for a few years now. For some reason I really like it. Apparently it feels waxy, but oddly I find that I enjoy it regardless. I also like that it is cheap and VERY thin, meaning I could stash this anywhere and not feel like I was pressed for costs if I lost it. A few years back, I did have it everywhere. It was my go to balm. As you can see, it isn’t the only thing I have around me, but it has persisted in my stash. I pick this up at Dollarma, which sells a duo pack for $1.25. They used to be sold at Walmart before, but I don’t know if they still do. I can’t say that this is incredibly long lasting. I wouldn’t use this for my night balm treatment, as I find that when I wake up, most of it is gone. However I do like it for touch ups throughout the day to keep my lips smooth.

My Lip Balm Rotation
I bought this because it was an emergency. Okay, I might be exaggerating “emergency” a tad bit. I was in a rush to get to my close friend AY’s birthday gathering…and ended up forgetting my makeup bag. Once I got to the place, I wished her a Happy Birthday, and dashed next door to buy a balm at SDM. I was actually looking for an Essence one, but they were OOS, so I went for the cheapest I could find. This happened to be it.

This isn’t too bad. I stopped buying tubes like this, cause for some reason I had been cursed to buy ones where the lips just kept coming off. But, it was ~$2.50, on sale, so I figured I would try it out. First off, I’m not a fan of the smell. It might be the mineral aspect of it, or maybe the shea? But even still, I do like using it. I find that it has been nice to apply on top of a stain, as it isn’t so hard that it scrubs off the stain, but it isn’t so soft that it blogs product on your lips. You can notice a little tackiness of the balm, but again, nothing major. I actually keep this one in my pencil case, so I can ensure my lips are nicely hydrated during class, and don’t have to create a ruckus looking for my makeup bag in my messy school bag. I don’t reach for this as my night treatment, mainly because it is in my pencil case, but also because I found that my lips are just a tad dry in the morning when I do have it on. So its a better product to use during the day when you can reapply after a few hours, or after eating something yummy.

My Lip Balm Rotation
Carmex is not new to me. I started using in ’97/98, and almost done the second last tube I bought in Chicago last year (5/$5 promo at Walgreens). Personally I am addicted to the minty feel on my lips. In addition, I think that it does a great job for my lips when they are severely dry (either cause I am sick, or because I am stressed, and thus end up biting my lip). Generally I use this right at the beginning of my makeup routine, so that they are soft enough for lip colour application. I also apply it right after I brush my teeth. Right before sealing it with a layer of CO Bigelow that I don’t have pictured. In any case, this is one thing that I will ensure to pick up in the US, because one of these typically got for about $2.50+ here.

My Lip Balm Rotation

I was recently contacted to try out EOS products (I talked about the lotion and shaving lotion HERE). It was funny because I had bought my first EOS a few weeks before (Checkout51 had a $1 cashback on EOS, so I jumped on the opportunity. Speaking of which I need to do a post on that app…).

Anyway, EOS has been around for awhile now, but I had held back on checking them out. My main issue is what everyone loves it for; the shape. The round sphere shape is actually quite nice, I mean it makes application to the lips a breeze, as I can apply both the top and bottom in a swipe. However I don’t like that it is so bulky! I mean, this is personal preference really, but I would love to be able to stash it in my makeup bag, and not have it create a bulge. Apparently they have stick versions, just not in Canada (or so I assume as I haven’t seen them as of yet). I also wish it was a tiny bit more moisturizing, but during the summer Sweet Mint was fine to use. I do find that the moisturizing properties vary a little bit from each kind. When I am done the two that I received, I would totally pick up Blueberry Acai (their newest addition), as it smells so good! Really, I wish they had scratch and sniff stickers on their packaging…I would scratch it all day :P

My Lip Balm Rotation
Another thing I love about them, aside from the smell, is that they have a flat side, meaning I can stand them up, and they won’t roll off the table! When I study, I have my Nivea with me, and it always seems to roll off the table…such an annoyance!

My Lip Balm Rotation
My Lip Balm Rotation
My Lip Balm Rotation
From the three that I tried, though I might be a tad biased as I loved my first choice, I think that in terms of how moisturizing they feel on my lips
Blueberry Acai -> Pomegranate Raspberry -> Sweet Mint
I know that I would definitely purchase the first two again (seriously I’m addicted to their smell), Sweet Mint probably not.

My Lip Balm Rotation
Not that it really matters, but I did a swipe swatch for you. In the order that they were presented above. You can see how matte the EOS are in comparison to some of the others. In that respect it is really nice as well, as I have a friend who hates it when her lips look like there is something on them.

Anyway, are you a balm person?
Do you have a specific balm you use at night? Cause I am always on the lookout to find a really good one.

Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.


4 thoughts on “I swear they are multiplying…

  1. funny your friend doesn’t like the look of product on her lips. I really like it! i must have 10 lip balms opened at once. It’s almost becoming a chore to choose which ones to use because I love them all…:P

    • lol isn’t it so bad that we have so many open?? I found out the other day that I have one more in addition to all those…
      was a sad moment haha

      and yes, she doesn’t like her lips looking shiny in any way, so they have to be really matte balms.

  2. My all-time fave lip balm is Blistex Lip Medex which I apply at night and really helps when my lips are dry and cracked.. and the minty smell is great! I carry a ton of lip balms with me during the day.. Love EOS & I agree about the way the Smoochies smell ;P

    • I think that is the green one? if it is, I used to be ADDICTED to them. Used them for years after I moved on from the Carmex.
      I haven’t used in in 4 years…should give it another go :P

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