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Transitioning out my warmwr weather lip colours #beautysoclean #innisfree #revlon #esteelauder #revlon #mac #missha #hardcandy #marcelle #annabelle #laurageller #rimmel #lipstick #makeup #bblogger #seeyounextyear #love
Cleaning up my warmer weather lip products with Beauty So Clean. I picked up their special package at IMATS Toronto last year, and still have a BUNCH of wipes left. But they are greaty products to have :)
Happy Birthday to my little brother. Not really little for a long while now, but meh. We celebrated with homemade cheesecake. Frozen. Cause oddly that’s one of the only ways I will eat it.
I met up w my friends M and S to catch up over food. I had been craving sushi for awhile. I ended up getting the Chirashi. I did enjoy it, though I felt that they could have sliced the pieces thinner. But I did like the place in general.
Just before eating, we checked out the new Pharma Plus/Rexall at Spadina and College. The Revlon nail bar was just…just…awesome!
Thanks to P&G (and MSL) I had the opportunity to check out the show that Janelle Monae was playing at the Kool Haus, Saturday evening, as part of being part of their BeautyUnited program. I even got to snag a Meet & Greet pass, which was actually (according to her team) “let us take a picture and go” time…(in her defense it was late…so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much). Despite that, I loved that this woman had the drive and energy to really excite her crowd, and had the physical energy in her to perform two nights in a row! In addition it seemed like that she had a great support team w those who worked in the background, her dancers, and her musical crew. Which is very important. So though it was a long night (which only reminded me that I am getting older and need to try and keep my body healthy -___-), it was fun hanging out with the lovely people at MSL, Anna, her friend B, and my +1 stand in K.
(Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.)


Anyway this upcoming week is pretty bad for me, trying to stay afloat during midterm cram week. Thus posts may or may not happen. I’m hoping it will be the former.


Have a great week everyone :)

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