Rexall @ Spadina&College

*I was not compensated for this post in any way*

I was at the downtown campus of UT a few weeks back, buying a sweatshirt, and noticed that there was a new store at the South-West corner of Spadina and College.

It was pretty huge to me seeing as it was big, bright, and shiny! lol

In any case, I didn’t get to check it out then…that is until last night.

And my goodness…did I have fun browsing. I know there this location is a little out of the way for a lot of you, so I merely wanted to share just a tiny bit of what you could find at this store.

I mean check out the picture :) I didn’t take many as my friends and I were meeting for dinner, but I do have a few…

The nail polish bar…that I was drooling over. I hope it stays nice and tidy.
Rexall Spadina & College

Rexall Spadina & College
And yet another shot…

Rexall Spadina & College
and another…

On top of that, there are polishes from the respective brands at their respective wall displays.

Rexall Spadina & College
Because it is so new, you can see that the shelves are fully stocked. Which is nice, as the chances that you will disappointed will be lower.

Rexall Spadina & College
I don’t think I have seen this brand before, in any case they have STUDIOMAKEUP at this location. If you lift the flap you will see that there are prices.

Rexall Spadina & College
The other thing I was excited to see was that they had Shiseido! Even the new Ibuki line that I have seen some of my fellow bloggers mention.

Rexall Spadina & College
They also have a HairIQ section at the back of the store. I didn’t get to play around with it, but I loved that it reminded me of the perfume station at Sephora.

They didn’t have the Seche, which is what I was hoping. However they do have a small selection of The Balm, Vasanti…well there was a lot that I can’t really tell you what they didn’t have….

Rexall Spadina & College
Lastly, if you do go check out the store, you may want to get your picture taken.

At the front, there is a HUGE touch screen. You are supposed to follow the monkey in its dancing, but M, S, and I decided to just get our picture taken, as we don’t have many pictures of us together. You can have the pictures sent to your email (I suggest that you have hand sanitizer on the ready for this part). Finally, if you post the picture on some form of social media, and tag it, you will then be entered to win a prize. Which is always nice :)

Save this photo and share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #GORexall for your chance to WIN a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!
Contest conditions HERE

Anyway, I love that this store of their took a new approach at shopping in a drug store. They may have taken a few tips from other new concepts that other places are taking…which I think is a good thing.

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