Designer Satin

*Products in this post have been purchased with my own funds, for my own amusement/addiction*

Many months back I was at Sally Beauty Supply (which I’ve been calling “Sally‘s Beauty Supply” -_____- why didn’t anyone correct me?! lol this has been going on for years…need to change my tags lol), and I saw this bottle on sale. I never used to be a fan of pinks…but I don’t know when that changed really…but I knew when I saw this, I had to have it.

This was on clearance, with a sticker marked “Last Chance” was stuck to the cap.

And I want to say that it was one of those days that Sally was having their 50% sales…so I got it.

I figured I didn’t really have anything similar to it, so I didn’t feel too guilty popping it in to my basket.

I only recently plucked it out of my many Helmer drawers to try it out.

And it was love.

China Glaze Designer Satin
It comes out a little more red in the picture, but IRL more pink for sure.

It isn’t super bright that I feel that everyone would be staring at my nails, but not so dark that it is too vampy for the transitional Summer/Fall weather.

China Glaze Designer Satin

I added China Glaze White Cap (that I added to the ring finger), which I also bought at the same time, and immediately regretted it lol. I should have let Designer Satin steal the show on its own…

China Glaze Designer Satin

Live and learn :P

On a final note, I didn’t use a top coat for this. And yet it was super shiny! :D

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    1. It actually does look better over other colours~^^
      and thanks Jill :) got some more things I want to share but have editted the pics yet…
      but hopefully you’ll like them too :)

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