Last week on Instagram…

It is my brother’s birthday today. Is it weird that I don’t see ourselves as being old? We are still bratty in many aspects, yet this is a kid who is part of the Forces, jumped out of helicopters, and has trained hard to be great in his field. Did I think that we would be here at this point in life? Probably not. But I’m thankful that despite his annoyances, he was born my little brother…who still annoys me lol

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instragram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post :)

At one of the many Downtown University of Toronto Libraries. shhhh!

Trying out another holo gradient…I got the post HERE

My hair has been driving me crazy…I’ve been driving myself crazy from the lack of sleep…so I decided to cut my side bangs again. Can’t say they went the way I wanted it, but its not completely horrible…or is it? lol

I have been addicted to dried fruit. This is pineapple that I bought from Bulk Barn, but looking for more citrus ones. If you have seen them, holla~

Downtown, between Pratt and Kelly, there is the Carr Hall building. Between them sit these two ladies. Deep in their chat. Makes me smile.

Have mini renovation that is going on. A lot of banging that has make my head hurt, but they are necessary. Eventually the whole kitchen needs to be redone, but for now a tiny piece.


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