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*Products in this post have been purchased with my own funds*

Awhile back, I had seen Rica’s post on the Lash Potion, and she ended the post with the fact that she would consider the waterproof version. Seeing as her skin is like mine (oily), I figured I’d check it out

What got me to check out the Lash Potion was the last bit, where she said that she would buy it if there were a Waterproof version of the Lash Potion.

Well, a few weeks ago, SDM had them on sale for $9, and I was able to snag the BOGO pack for just under $10 with taxes included. I figured that was a steal, so I couldn’t resist buying it. I have seen the BOGO packs at random Walmarts around the city. But if you are interested in it, just check behind a few of the packs…you never know it might be hiding.

So seeing as I have been using it for a little while now, I just wanted to mention my view on it.

Revlon Lash Potion

Revlon Lash Potion

First off, if you have stubborn lashes like my short I-refuse-to-keep-my-curl lashes, then checking out a waterproof formula might be a good idea. In addition, check out a lash curler as well to help you curl them nicely.

Revlon Lash Potion

Second, with the Lash Potion, I personally found that there was a learning curve to it. Basically the brush is shaped quite differently, short bristles, long bristles, and on top of that it was wavy! At my very first brush through, I ended up misjudging things and getting the mascara on my eyelid as I brushed up. So do check out the shape of it so you can find the best area for you to use (personally I still have issues with it -___-).

Thirdly, if you plan on using this for your bottom lashes as well, like a lot of the mascaras out there, give some time for the upper lashes to dry, otherwise they might stick together (since I don’t have patience I had to dust with dark shadow).

Revlon Lash Potion

So with that out of the way…what do I think.

In this picture, I took a shot from the bottom. I felt that what you couldn’t really tell in the head on picture, you could experience from the bottom. Notice how my lashes are nearly non-existent on the right eye? Notice the left? Yup…definitely see the length different. Though I didn’t show it with this picture, the mascara did produce some lift for my lashes without a curler. Especially for the outer lashes. So, I think it would be slightly longer if we remove the fact that my lashes curled up a bit from brushing on the mascara.

Okay, now really…what do I think?

Just before this, I was using a Japanese Fibre Mascara (I’ll write about it soon, I promise…I really like it too), and well as of the moment I have ditched it for the Revlon one. They do produce different effects, but seeing as I liked it, I wanted to save that for certain days.

I liked that this one is waterproof, and holds a curl quite well. I like that it really does lengthen my lashes, and adds a bit of volume to it as well. I do have trouble sometimes with the brush, as I end up getting the product on my upper eyelid waterline, but a quite swipe of a Q-Tip when it happens, and I am ready to go.


–       Lengthens, and see a bit of volume

–       Waterproof version holds the curl well

–       Waterproof means that I don’t get under eye smudging for at least 5 hours


–       There is a learning curve if you are like me, as the wand is wavy

–       If it gets on the skin, it can be hard to get off

–       Wish it lasted my day to day longer

What I’ve actually been doing lately, as the mascara doesn’t last a full day out for me, is that I apply Fairy Drops mascara first, and then brush the Lash Potion to the tips of the lashes afterwards. I like the effect (ps layering mascara is fun :P).

Revlon Lash Potion
To end, here is a random picture of a EOTD from I don’t know when…

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