Last week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instragram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post :)

On Monday, I got to participate in a focus group. I then got to take home a swag bag :D Other than the Almay Liquid Lip Balm, I don’t currently use other Almay products. But we shall see how the products I got for free go~ Do you use Almay??

I have this thing where I have backups…in case the end of the world comes, and I am unable to get more of my favourite products. The problem is that I like hoarding eyeshadow and blushes…the ones that take the most time to use up. I mean like the Stila Bronzer. I have 3 of those. I also have Annabelle’s Zebra Bronzer. I did get two from the brand way back, but then bought 3 from the Lisa’s Cosmetic sale (my justification was that I loved it, and it was only $2 -___-). Then there are my blushes…which is why there are so many Benefits there. I love those box of powders, but having used them, I have yet to hit pan on any of them. So here are my backups, all new, that I hope to sell off and find new homes for. Lets see if I can actually part with them this time.

I ordered MOO Mini cards 2 weeks back, and they arrived! I needed blog cards for events, as it does get hard to remember blog names. Anyway I opted for the smaller mini cards, as I am on a budget, and well it fit the information I wanted to include far better. The prints are of pictures I took, and adjusted.

!!! When did they restart the #GotMilk ads?? I used to collect these in the #90s and tape them to my door, or decorate my nothing book, binders...agenda...ah fun times~

I used to collection Got Milk? ads in the late 90’s. I’d post them on my wall, or put them in a binder…we would also trade for them if there was hard to find ones XD oh man sometimes we had so much fun. Anyway I have been using online magazine subscriptions and noticed this in one of the magazines! I had thought that they had stopped the campaign! So this was a delight :)

I had gone to my go to Korean bar with my friends, only to find that Friday was the last night that they were open. They are apparently moving to North York -____- BOOOOOO. Double boo was the fact that there was a rather large group of Korean Froshies who were pretty drunk at 8:30pm, and INCREDIBLY loud. Like, I have a pounding headache loud. One of my friends friend had walked in, but then talked about leaving because it was so loud. Was unfortunate, as we decided to leave as well. For the last night at Junko, it was unfortunate. So this picture is actually of Ehwa, I don’t actually like going here because of all the stairs. I know several people who have tripped down them. Luckily no serious damage, but still. The drunker you get, the more deadly strairs become. On top of that, I usually get really bad service at Ehwa, but not that night! We were constantly checked to see if we needed anything, they apologized a few times for not having a table ready yet, and generally quite polite. It really made up for the poor time at Junko.

So I’m sick…but what else is really new? Anyway nose kept running and wouldn’t stop, so had to resort to old school charms…but Fry titled it the best when he called it the Tissue Walrus xD Anyway this is the only way I can get to sleep…otherwise I’m up every little bit, having to wipe my nose -___-


2 thoughts on “Last week on Instagram…

    • Thanks Danielle! I have almost kicked the cold. Still waking up stuffy and body is still sore, but almost there!
      and Tissue Walrus is the best way :P

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