Playing around with straws…

*The products in this post were generally purchased with my own funds, except for two polishes which I won through two separate giveaways*

It is no secret that I love doing my nails. I mean that’s the first thing that my students & former students noticed today. They always make me laugh :D

Anyway, so I like doing my nails. Oddly though, I don’t like spending a lot of time doing nail art for my nails.

My friend had once posted a picture of her rose nails, and I loved how they looked…but just couldn’t put in the time to do it.

So when I saw the straw nails, I was excited it was so easy!

Julia over at BeautyFiends posted her nail art trial. I thought it was brilliant. I mean, its such an easy way to make your polish more fun!

Nail Art using Straws~
I used:

  • Loreal New Money *
  • Essence Color & Go Break Through*
  • China Glaze Snow
  • China Glaze Pink Voltage
  • American Apparel Neon Red
  • American Apparel Peacock

I bough the American Apparel when Groupon had one of their deals. I do like their polishes. If you are located in the US, you can find a lot of 15 for VERY cheap. Tres jealous of you lot. The China Glaze was from a kit I bought from NailPolishCanada HERE. Loreal New Money was part of the Spring collection that I won through Twitter HERE, and the Essence was another giveaway I won HERE.

Nail Art using Straws~
and can’t forget my straw from McDonalds that I cut in to a smaller piece.

I brushed the nail polish directly on to the straw, than stamped it to my nail. I didn’t clean the straw in between the different colours, which is why the colours get a bit muddled. My nails are also quite curved (a curse really, especially when it comes to wanting to use fake nails. They just won’t fit my nails dangit!), I had to rock the straw back and forth like Julia mentioned. Even then, the stamps didn’t come out that clean.

You could also drop a few drops of polish on foil, paper, or silicone, and then dip the straw in to it.

Nail Art using Straws~
Now its not exactly how I wanted it to be, however I did like how it turned out regardless. A little more messy, but it suits me.

Nail Art using Straws~

Anyway this inspired me to try out something else. I did this with toddlers and bubble solution…I’m wonder if it will give me a nice effect as well. Stay tuned for that :) Gotta collection the necessary materials first~^^

Well hope that the weekend has treated you all very well. I had a busy weekend trying to get better (a cold that has lingered about awhile), and trying to study for midterms and finish two papers -___- killer. Basically October is nuts! But at least the long Thanksgiving weekend is next week! (Though I have to work on 3 other papers -__- lol)


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