Expandable Mascara Brushes?

*This post contains products provided by the brand for review purposes. Thoughts on the product are of my own experience with it*

Annabelle Expandable Mascara

Many many moons ago, this little product appeared on my doorstep.
Annabelle’s Expandable Mascara

This mascara features a unique polymer brush that changes with the turn of a dial : Expand the brush for maximum volume, retract it for length + definition. Volumizing, lengthening, anti-clumping, separating + defining lashes, fast drying and easy to remove with Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. All the volume and length you crave in one mascara! Size : 0.25 OZ / 7 mL
From the website HERE
Retails $10.95

Annabelle Expandable Mascara

This is in its expanded form…

Annabelle Expandable Mascara

…in its compacted form. I know it is hard to tell, my fault for not setting up the pictures in a way you could compare the two. However if you look at the bristles, you can see the difference in the space that remains between them. Or take my word for it :P

In any case, the mascara is easily labelled on the product, and you won’t have to apply trial and error to figure out which way to turn. No, they took the guessing out of it by printing “+” and “-“. Thus Long and Short respectively.

Personally, I like the compacted form better. I think that with my short sparse lashes, the expanded form increased the clumping factor. Again, that was specific to my lashes. In its compacted form, the product was more evenly distributed. I have not curled my lashes in the picture below (I don’t believe I did at least). There is no need to point out which eye was the one I applied it to. You can see how sparse my lashes are to start, however the product gives it more depth, lengthening them, while at the same time maintaining the individuality of my sparse lashes.

Actually using it in between the two extensions actually worked the best for me. So don’t think you need to commit to one extreme or the other :)

Annabelle Expandable Mascara

I did have a two issues with it, but again it is personal to me really. I found that right out of the first use, it was too wet for my lashes. Thus applying the mascara after curling my lashes…well…they uncurled themselves lol. So after receiving it, I let it wait a bit. The other issue was that it was not waterproof, which was something I really need in a mascara. Because I have monolids, I found that the mascara transferred to my lid by hour 4 (and this was during the summer so humdity & heat didn’t help).  Thankfully their sister brand Marcelle has recently come out with a raincoat for mascara’s (you can find the Waterproofing Mascara Top Coat HERE on the Marcelle website. My review of it is still in the works).

However removal was very easy for me, which was great, as I didn’t have to use an oil cleanser.

In any case, I like that Annabelle does their best to stay innovative. I don’t really use both forms of the mascara, but I like that I have the option to use both, and I am sure others do as well.

Just for kicks, you can check out more images on Google HERE. There are some before and after pictures from other ladies :)


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