Revlon’s Berry Couture

*Products in this post have been purchased with my own funds, for my own use and enjoyment. I wanted to share because I felt it a decent item to suggest*

Today I just wanted to share a lovely lip colour I have been enjoying.

And really what better way to showcase it, than to have the dear Minions from Despicable Me, help me out??
Revlon Berry Couture

I had first seen the Shines from Sparkled Beauty’s post HERE. If I didn’t see these swatches, I probably wouldn’t have noticed them in stores at all. You see, sheer lipsticks were quite the rage in the 90’s. My friend had one that she bought and hid from her mum. She would carefully apply to her lips when she got to school. Ah…fun times :P

Anyway, sheer lipsticks are great. If you are having problems feeling confident in a full out opaque lipstick, this is a great transitional product for you. I mean I still have trouble feeling confident in some colours (like deep reds), so taking little steps really does help out. What is also great with this product is that it is buildable in colour, which basically means you can literally build up the colour as you feel more comfortable with a brighter lip colour.

In any case, I paid $3.99 at SDM, during one of their sales. I actually went to…6 stores?? before I finally found it, and kind of wish I had bought one more.
Revlon Berry Couture

Left to Right

One swipe – Two swipes – Four swipes
Revlon Berry Couture

This is Berry Couture, swatched somewhat heavily. Taken indoors under artificial light. If I want to go lighter, I only swipe it once, and then blend it out with my finger. Generally I like that this is build-able, and that it offers a decent amount of shine, just as its name might indicate.

The one issue I do have is that it kind of settles in to my lip lines by the end of 3 hours. The colour is still there, it just looks a tad off. In order to remedy that, I apply a light balm on top.Anyway, you can find these guys at various places here Revlon products are sold, and if you see another $4 sale, I would really suggest you try one out :)


4 thoughts on “Revlon’s Berry Couture

  1. I hope they’ll run another sale soon for you, but all of a sudden, I can’t remember if these are LE or not

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