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Finally satisfying my cravings for #fiveguys #burger #fries :). Unfortunately it was ridic salty.  had to buy a drink after :(
After craving Five Guys fries and burgers for quite some time…I made the trip to eat.

While working on a response to Descartes 6th Meditation…I figured I would also paint my nails. I received this as part of a large adoption HERE. It is Revlon in Haunted Heart.

I was at Square One to return something, and wandered through Target. There I saw quite the number of pieces that were left from the Phillip Lim collaboration. There were no bags, and I was tempted by the jackets, but was able to refrain from buying. There were a few pieces that really stood out to me…

I was downtown looking for books…and decided to walk to ST George rather than take Museum station. With the lovely weather, the ROM looked quite nice

JM Kelly Library. Been quite busy heading downtown to look for more books. I do love going here. Pretty really. A little more on the quiet side, which is nice for studying. However I do like Pratt more…

PRATT! This is the one I do like. I mean I do like Robarts, Gerstein as well…but I do also like Pratt. They actually shot a few scenes of the Prince and Me, the movie with Julia Stiles. The movie wasn’t that great, but I watched it anyway


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