An Oyster Trip to Biff’s Bistro

Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants – Biff’s Bistro
4 Front St E Toronto, ON M5E 1G4
(416) 860-0086
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Biff's Bistro

So…a friend What’sApp’ed the group, asking if anyone was interesting in checking out the $1 Oysters at Biff’s Bistro. Seeing as I hadn’t had oysters in so long, I quickly answered I would be interested.

So I got to check out Biff’s Bistro a few weeks ago.

We had originally sat on the patio, but the rain starting coming down heavily, and had to relocate indoors. There was one hardcore group that stuck through the rain, and had their umbrella’s out! I was impressed xD

Biff's Bistro
The Part of the menu that we were focused on

Anyway, indoors we placed our order, and waited for the food to come.

I only had my iPhone 4 with me, so the pictures aren’t the greatest. In any case, this is what we got.

Biff's Bistro

My friend chose the Cream of Mushroom soup, while I chose the Soup of the Day, which was a cold soup…I actually don’t know what was in it. I know it was vegetable something…but the description was not really directed down to us, so I couldn’t hear everything that was mentioned. It actually sounded good, so I ordered it. Well…I didn’t realize it was cold til I got it lol.

We also figured we would try out a few other things, ordered the Fried Pig’s Ears, and Friend Smelt (I had to Google what a Smelt was :P). We then placed an order for 24 oysters.

Seeing as our table wasn’t big enough, we ate the oysters first.

Biff's Bistro

Biff's Bistro

When it arrives, it had some horseradish, and I think seafood sauce? I dont eat it so I don’t know. Nicely presented. There were a few oysters that made me go :T (you can kind of see the ones that I had reservations about in the picture), but other than that, I enjoyed them. I don’t think, if I read the articles correctly, that oysters are not in season (something about the R rule?) So they aren’t as fleshy as one would like, but I didn’t find anything wrong aside from that. Besides it was yummy.

We actually gobbled them down really quickly. I know there are swollow-ers out there, but I personally like to chew. Loved that it wasn’t tough, just right.

Biff's Bistro
Fried Pig’s Ears

Biff's Bistro
Deep Fried Smlet

We then got everything else. Omg…it was so interesting. The cold soup was good almost half way through, then I couldn’t have any more. I did take sips of it in between the fried foods, to break the oily bit of the food up. The Fried Pigs Ears were actually quite good. I know I know…gross, but seriously it was good. The Smelt was also surprisingly yummy. Fried quite nicely.

The one issue that my friend and I both had, was that everything, aside from my cold soup, was salty. She actually ended up not finishing her soup because of that. And in hindsight we realized we should have ordered some other stuff, and not just fried things, but there is always next time :)

The environment is quite lovely, relatively quiet for a weekday evening. The soft seats are really low, which can be an issue for short individuals like me, but I dealt with it. The bathrooms are clean, which obviously people would expect from a type of restaurant as this, and well generally it was a nice time. I’d definitely try and check it out again soon :)


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