Playing around with DIY dot decals…

Playing around w dot decals

I like a nice simple method to spruce up the nails.

So I have my dot decals that I made and shoved in a small ziplocked baggie.

I would suggest you use a tool for more uniform dots, but I was lazy >_< hey, what else is new lol

I waited until I could roll back the silicone baking cup (which has now been deemed my nail art silicone cup), and you should see the nail polish start peeling away. If it doesn’t, it might not be dry enough yet.

You could also take tweezers to pull them off, but I found that I messed mine up.


EDIT: I do know that you can use ziplock bags, but I don’t. For some dang reason I can’t for the life of me peel them off! So instead I’ve been using silicone, as I find it easier to manipulate. (Mentioned it HERE)

Do not leave these out too long, as they will dry out, and become too hard to use. You don’t want that.

Playing around w dot decals

Okay…so I over did the layers…and it looks rather :T BUT you get the idea :)

It kind of looks like a cartoon allergic reaction…

Haha…Anyway another fun thing is to swipe a rectagle on to the silicone, and then cut them up in to strips. Then you can go to town making patterns with the strips. Really the concept is and endless pit for your imagination, so have fun with it :)


3 thoughts on “Playing around with DIY dot decals…

    • Yes u can. But I found that ziplock bags dont work for me~ but I started using the silicone instead~ I mentioned that history in an older post that I didn’t link…I should have. Gonna fix that in a bit~^^

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