Scarlet & Gold

*Products in this post were purchased with my own funds, adopted from a friend, and provided for sampling purposes*

This is an older notd that I did. I had on this light purple thing…that I kind of enjoyed because of the different looks on each nail…however I didn’t use my trust top coat and it chipped really easily. Not to mention my cuticles were HORRIBLE, and I desperately needed to treat my hands to a mini home spa session.

Scarlet and Gold

Luckily I was blog hopping, and saw a blogger (I tried looking for it again, and I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it :() who used this gold polish on her nails. It looks GORGEOUS! I of course decided I needed to redo my nails.

Scarlet and Gold
Scarlet and Gold

Scarlet and Gold

I used the gold polish (that I got my friend to CP for me) with Bundle Monster Plate 313, that I reviewed HERE, over Nicole by OPI Keeping Up with Santa that I got HERE.

Scarlet and Gold

Scarlet and Gold

I like the invert BM plates, as you can play around with the inversions. In this case I used the inversion of the stamp on my ring finger. It breaks up the pattern a bit, not making it look overly tacky. Or at least I think so…am I wrong???

The combination then took me back to high school, as scarlet and gold were our colours. I was happy we didn’t have odd colours, like this weird brown, or maroon.

Anyway, I have to wake up in like 3 hours, and I am still working on philosophy response. I always ALWAYS have issues with making the minimum requirement for a paper, rather than being too long. Did you ever have that issue?


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