Last Week on Instagram…

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Well, actually there isn’t much this week…so dunno if you would want to follow lol

Last week I watched episode 162 of Running Man. But omg Gary is just so damn cute with the dance xD

The YooJaeSuk one was also quite funny :D

Elle Canada had a signup for a beauty box, and I was one of the many to receive them. The box was just too pretty…

I went to celebrate my friends birthday at Crazy Wings (Yonge & Finch). Had a great time because of the company that was there. I can’t say that I enjoyed the venue as the place didn’t seem like they knew how to cater to the customers correctly. We had to ask several times for them to raise the ventilation, as it was ridiculously hot. Water wasn’t served until the third time we asked, and was just generally a pain. Not to mention that their bathroom was pretty gross….ugh.

Anyway, the night will be one that leaves an imprint in my memory, not only because of the fun times I had…but also because of the issues I ran in to when I went home. I realized that I still do things even when I know the act wouldn’t be reciprocated if the situation were flipped. Not necessarily a bad thing…but was interesting to ponder the rest of the weekend…especially when I had to face the issue Sunday night…and do some clean up. Haha…

Welps, I hope that you have all started off your Monday on a great note, while I struggle to remain awake in my Morality class :P


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